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Thread: Trish as the Next Bachelorette? Possible Scoop

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    The E!online article said it's Trish who has demanded that she be brought back as the next Bachelorette, and that the producers are considering it. I interpret that to mean that Trash is trying to use the idea that she didn't get a "fair shake" to leverage her own show. I hope the producers don't fall for it. Especially after her little "Poor me, nobody loves me" breakdown last week, which made her look truly pathetic. Pity the poor many who falls for her game.

    Speaking of Trash,
    it comes from her height, lots of taller women have low self esteem
    I don't think that's the case. Taller girls have self-esteem issues in junior high, high school. But once a woman reaches adulthood height becomes an extremely powerful asset. Especially if you have looks to go with the height. Trish's lack of self-esteem likely comes from the fact that people just don't like her (because she acts like a turd) and she can't figure out why -- so she goes through life thinking she'll never be good enough, but never actually evolving into the kind of person that people are drawn to (other than for extra-marital or casual sex)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    Ahhhh.. but the main difference between Samantha and Trish is that Samantha made absolutely NO bones about who she is and what she likes. No excuses, no "you misunderstood me", no backtracking. Trish seems to have made a habit of backtracking on nearly all of her previously controversial statements.

    Much as I hate to quote her.. have to agree with Jean-Marie's comments to Trish on WTA: "if that is who you are, Trish, own up to it and be proud. Don't back down."... or something to that extent. I have no respect for the wussy backpeddling that Trish has done since the show.

    Love love love Samantha for her WYSIWYG personality. You do not get the same with Trish.

    I agree. Trish she loves the attention she gets when telling her sex-capades stories to her house mates (on national television) and then feels misunderstood when the girls judge her for telling those stories. At which point, it's "poor me." She had several choices. She could have chosen to accept their cattiness and not pity herself. She could have chosen to have the WYSISYG attitude ala Samantha from SITC. Or (perhaps most appropriate but least likely to get her the air time/attention she was looking for) she could have kept her mouth shut.
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    Wanda from Eonline made mention of Trish receiving harassing phone calls due to her number being posted on some website.... Turns out it was the ABC message board! (not that it should be a suprise) I found this out when I was lurking over there today. The post had been removed, but some moron put it back up. Isn't there some way they could trace it back to that person and charge them with stalking, or harassing her? I am no Trish fan, but that is taking way overboard. :rolleyes :rolleyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg
    her main problem is simply low self-esteem
    it comes from her height, lots of taller women have low self esteem trish developed that 'ostrich strut' as a result of it, and she feels that all she has to offer to anyone is her
    Your kidding? right? Being tall makes a girl insecure and gives her poor posture?

    Is Trish 6'8 and I missed it?

    Since I am a girl and 5'11, I find that comment just lame. Its about as lame as saying short men have issues with being short. Trish's "walk" is ugly... simply cause she is lazy. You want to see a truly bad walker... that actress who plays Jordan on the "Crossing Jordan" show.. now she walks like a friggin linebacker with bad knee's.

    The only problem with Trish is her need to have the world revolve around her at all cost. If anyone has security issues I would check on that sister of hers that has lived in that shadow her entire life. Trish biggest probelm is trying to manipulate the entire world to do as she wants. I call that self-center and self-serving and that has nothing to do with one's height.

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    35 past + 25 future = 60

    Not interested in her racking up any more numbers on my tv screen!
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    Quote Originally Posted by realitycrazmom
    35 past + 25 future = 60

    Not interested in her racking up any more numbers on my tv screen!
    Smile it makes people wonder what you are up to.

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    Its about as lame as saying short men have issues with being short
    well actually this is true, it's called 'little man.s complex' :phhht

    yes these are generalizations that don't apply to everyone but to some

    and my comment about alot of tall women have low self esteem is true (just like some skinny women, fat women, etc) and not just school age girls...i've seen it and heard it out of there mouths

    just my opinion

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