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Thread: TVGuide "Trashy Trish Fires Back"

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    Trish needs to get her head checked out. :rolleyes
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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    My parents would do the same if I slept with a marry man.
    Of course they would, that's not it. The blabbing about it on national TV is it - I'd bet there aren't many parents that would shrug that off with an, "it's ok, it's just tv." Even though they'd still love you, they'd most likely have a great deal more to say on that subject.
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    That was a great interview with Trish. I'm looking forward to how much of it is true but no matter with all the editing...trash is simply trash.

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    is that why she said, and I quote, "..'cuz I'm a money-grubbing whore" on the show?
    Did she not say "I'm" ?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by H2O
    Like other reality-TV villains, Trish from The Bachelor blames her tarnished image on the producers' editing. Now, it's true this dating show tastes about as authentic as Mexican Chinese food. Still, Miss Trish did self-incriminate by sharing lotsa details of her sordid past with her rivals. And was she forced to wear that "Gold Digger" T-shirt, with its classy catchphrase "Like a hooker... just smarter"? Here, TV Guide Online takes the trash-talker to task and previews her splashy return in next week's episode!

    TV Guide Online: You've become infamous for calling yourself "a money-grubbing, gold-digging whore."
    Trish: The funny thing is I didn't. The producers took a clip from a conversation we had around the dinner table about different types of women. That wasn't even pertaining to me.

    TVGO: So you wouldn't actually describe yourself like that?
    Trish: Definitely not! I'm not that way. I'm the complete opposite, if anything.

    TVGO: How did your family react to your spicy revelations on the show? They couldn't have been pleased.
    Trish: We don't do much drama in my family. My sister's fine, and I sat down to have a conversation with my mom and my dad. I said, "Things are going to come out. I can't explain why, but you'll have to watch the show and then you'll totally understand." My parents love me. They stand behind me no matter what. I keep a lot of parts of my life private and kind of hidden from my parents, so I did have to sit them down and discuss a few things. They said, "We understand. It's TV and it's editing. It's OK."

    TVGO: Why did you scandalize the girls with so much info about your past?
    Trish: We were drinking and having a good time. We had nothing to do but sit in the house and talk. A lot of ground gets covered. I don't think a lot of [viewers] realize that it's a very sensory-deprived situation that you're put in. And you know, there were definitely girls drinking [while answering producers'] questions. I was the one who got put on TV drinking.

    TVGO: Is there anything you regret saying on-camera? Some of it came off very unflattering.
    Trish: Probably, yes. Because of Jenny the spy being there, they put in a lot more things that took place in the house. The Bachelor shows in the past have been pretty straightforward they were basically dates, video messages, rose ceremonies and maybe a shot of the girls laying at the pool. Out of 15 other girls and four camera crews, why would I feel like I'd be the only one that got put on TV? Apparently, I'm the only interesting one! I say what other people don't have the b---s to say.

    TVGO: No woman has ever come back after the Bachelor denied her a rose, yet you're back next week. Did the show do that to keep its star troublemaker around?
    Trish: This is a season with a lot of firsts. It makes good TV. You've got to give them that. Secondly, the people who sat in the control room watched our interviews and interactions, and they saw me not having any concept of what was going on. If you watch, these girls are nice to my face, and then the minute I leave the room, they're busy trashing me. The producers said, "You didn't get a fair shot at this." I'm grateful for that.

    TVGO: Are you just on for one more episode or are you back as a real contender for Jesse?
    Trish: I can't comment on any of that. You're gonna have to keep watching!

    TVGO: Did you appreciate Jesse calling you a "stalker" in the preview for next week?
    Trish: You and I know this show is in a controlled environment. Could there ever be a stalker? No, absolutely not. My take on that is somebody threw that out there and asked him, "Is she like a stalker?" and he just responded to it. It's just not possible this would be about stalking.

    TVGO: After Jesse eliminated you, the final three were delighted and whispered, "He's gonna get a good girl no matter what happens." Did it hurt to watch that?
    Trish: I just laughed. What else do you do? I thought, "Oh, you girls are just so young." Just because I don't live my life the way they do or have their viewpoints doesn't make any of us bad people. When they trash me or say mean things about me, I think it's an age issue. I'm not mean-spirited. I still wish them well.
    STILL wish them well.......when you did you ever wish anyone well?? :phhht
    Trish should realize that women who hate other women just because they "think" they are so envied are just shallow, bitter, insecure little girls. Just my say......

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    she's nuts!!! do only we see this? :rolleyes

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    trish just goes with anything thats long and is a wee wee. oh please i would like to know why this bachlor is so different from the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trash
    Definitely not! I'm not that way. I'm the complete opposite, if anything
    Uh yeah. Thats why you advised a caterer on speed dial , a nanny for those sticky faced monsters , and a personal trainer to pass the time. Most "normal" folks have none of those . It takes cash baby and lots of it.

    Old story , to be a good liar you have to keep your stories straight.

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    Actually, I think Trish would be perfect for 'I am the gift' ponytail Keith from the last Bachlorlette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berries
    She must have really been looking forward to having sex with Jesse - she also says, "Why can't there be 4 of us this next round?" I think that was her main objective... to just make it to the overnight dates, so she could WOW him with how great she is in bed, and he wouldn't want anyone else...
    I'll say it again... D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L!
    Ummm didn't Trista attempt that and still got sent home in the limo?

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