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Thread: Which of the finalists would you like to see be the next Bachelorette?

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_one2002
    Gwen was from the Bachelor show with Aaron/Helene. I'd like to see the runner up from that show...the blonde southern belle...runner up to Helene. Forget her name ..?
    It's Brooke. She's already found love, without the help of reality TV.

    Here is the happy couple:

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    Yep, thats her! Thanks, Maxima!
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    Anyone but Trish. The show would not be about romance- the promo ads would plug.... "Tonight...... in the most dramatic rose ceremony ever...... no one wants a rose!" Those limos would be burning rubber running away from that mansion! If we wanted a show about Trash we would all watch Jerry Springer.............

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    Next Bachelorette should be: ......(wait for it)......Trish. *Yes I'm serious.*
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