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Thread: Trish's Appearances on GMA & The View

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grok
    the whole like kissing girls thing came up, whatever. I had been so backed into a corner at that point in time and attacked. I mean, if you sit there and watch the footage, I mean, these women sat there and attacked me so it was kind of like, and again, it might not have been right, but you know what, it was like, “you’ve made me uncomfortable, so I’m gonna make you uncomfortable.” And it was more of a shock value, than anything else. It was made out to be much worse than…
    :rolleyes :rolleyes

    WHATEVER! She egged that conversation on! The girls asked when was the last time that she kissed someone other than Jesse, she said 3 days before the show. Someone threw out girl or guy, everyone laughed and it could have been done. But Trish said "no I haven't been down the girl road in a long time" Then SHE went on to fully volunteer the details of her "free for all". I can't beleive the way those mean girls attacked poor Trish. Puh-leeze! :rolleyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    Thanks for the transcript !

    I loved poor little Lis who made us love her till her hair fell out in chunks , telling Trash hey girl don't tell ME about 24/7 cameras.

    Our motto is Cali's "you can't edit IN a bad personality" from day one of the FORT. If you are a sweetheart it shows, and if you are a beotch - it shows. Two more opposite figures in reality tv couldn't be found if they tried, than Trish and Elizabeth.
    Yeah, I thought it was interesting to see Elisabeth asking her questions. Who else better than another person who has been in the same situation to raise the BS flag on Trish's "Pity me" routine? I wonder if Trish envies Elisabeth because Liz is married to an NFL quarterback? Of course, we know that Liz and her husband were college sweethearts first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berries
    That was extremely nice of you to go to all that trouble... I know how the women all talk over each other, so that must have been pretty difficult to transcribe... I didn't get to watch the program, but now I feel like I almost did!
    My favorite parts:
    Joy: …You’re only 28. You sound like you have the experience of a 50-year-old.
    Joy: Go out with old guys. Their mothers are dead. Go ahead.
    That Joy is really funny! (And right!)
    I catch the show occasionally and always find myself laughing at Joy. She's pretty funny. I never realized how much they talk all over each other until I tried to put their words down in writing. Geez! And Liz, being the newest recruit, talks really fast in order to get a word in edge-wise.

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    Grok, thanks so much for transcribing all that! A lot of work, but it was handy for those of us who missed the show.

    As for the drinking "I never" game, and none of the other girls indicating that they'd slept with a married man -- that doesn't mean that none of them did. I'm sure one of them could have had some sort of experience in that area but thought to themselves, "Why on earth would I admit to that on national TV?" Granted, maybe none of them other than Trish had slept with a married man but we'll never know for sure.

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    Wow, thanks so much for going to all that trouble Grok! Those View women crack me up. Seems like it was a great segment.

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