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Thread: Trish's Appearances on GMA & The View

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    I'm not judging her for her sexual experiences, I'm judging her for her stupidity. If you're trying to get some guy to marry you, you don't go blab blab blabbing everything you've done on national tv. If he had actually picked her for the final rose, what would he have thought when he watched it on television. What a wake up call!

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    Lee Ann

    Smarter than you think

    Quote Originally Posted by not Trish
    I'm not judging her for her sexual experiences, I'm judging her for her stupidity. If you're trying to get some guy to marry you, you don't go blab blab blabbing everything you've done on national tv. If he had actually picked her for the final rose, what would he have thought when he watched it on television. What a wake up call!

    Trish now has her own show on primetime TV, formerly known as "The Bachelor", how bad is that? :rolleyes

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    She has pretty much taken over this whole fiasco of a show. Due to Trish & the Mole we haven't gotten to know the remaining women as much as before.

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    I noticed that Trish has been saying at every opportunity that "women have always hated her," and "this is why she's not friends with women." Her sister even said the same thing...that this has been happening her whole life. I just can't believe that someone would not realize that people hate you and are mean to you all the time because of YOU and the way YOU act. Seriously...she's trying to condemn the whole female population...we're all just bitchy and catty and she's the one who suffers. What a joke. Wake up, honey!

    Oh, and if ABC made her The Bachelorette, I wouldn't watch one second of it. And that's saying a lot!

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    Trish on E! last night

    Did anyone see Trish on E! last night? (The nightly news show.) I just caught the end of it, but they showed an interview where she was asked "what if you were asked to be the next Bachelorette?". She turned to someone off camera (I'm guessing someone from ABC?) and asked them what she should say. This went back and forth a few times with the off-camera person saying "just answer it as if it were hypothetical". Then whoever the E! interviewer said in a voiceover something like..."well, my guess is there's a good chance she'll be the next Bachelorette!"

    Yikes - I really couldn't bear to watch it either. :phhht

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    Transcript from The View 5/6/04

    I'm not sure if anyone really cares about this, but I thought I would transcribe the interview from The View. If you watch this show, you know that the four hens, er, hosts, love to talk at the same time and often cut each other off. I managed to get everything except for one thing that Elisabeth said which I noted below.
    Co-hosts - Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Star Jones, Meredith Vieira

    Meredith: [To camera] The most dramatic part of The Bachelor is usually the Rose Ceremony, but last night things really got intense when bad girl Trish let loose after driving away without a rose. Take a look.

    [Cuts to limo scene after the RC. Trish: “I really want my boyfriend back. And if I want something, my God, I’m going to get it. If somebody tells me no, I fight back ten times harder.”]

    [Cuts to Jesse toasting the three remaining women after the RC. Jesse: “Here’s to traveling and getting a chance to get closer to all of you, and getting a chance to know all of you better. Cheers.”]

    [Cuts back to Trish, shaking head: “This is not over.”]

    Meredith: [To camera] She’s scaring me [laughs]. Please welcome Trish Schneider. Welcome, Trish.

    Star: Welcome to the show.

    Trish: Hi, thank you.

    Meredith: Oh my gosh, uh, what were you thinking when you first got into the limo? I’m always wondering what’s really going through your mind.

    Trish: Um, I was shocked. I was very stunned.

    Meredith: Yeah? You were sure you were gonna get a rose?

    Trish: Um, never, never a 100 percent. I mean, each ceremony, you know, ‘cause it’s…it’s difficult to read people. In that, reading Jesse in that situation, so um, you kinda go into every ceremony thinking, maybe, maybe not. You don’t really know. But um, the conversation that him and I had, sitting on the couch, a lot of it, unfortunately, got cut. But you know, he kinda led…

    Meredith: He led you to believe…

    Joy: Led you on.

    Trish: Yeah, he just kinda said, “You know what, you’re great, you’re fine. Enjoy the night.” You know… [Cuts to scene where they are sitting and talking before the RC]

    Joy: Oooh.

    Meredith: Oooh dog, what a dog. [Laughter]

    Elisabeth: Well, he’s also entitled to change his mind, and right up to the last minute, right?

    Trish: Oh, and you know what? In defense of him, he was having a difficult time - with this episode - deciding who to keep and who to let go, so, um, …

    Star: It’s kinda not… doesn’t feel good when somebody is sneaky and turns the tables on you, right. It looks a little bad, doesn’t it? Makes you feel bad. [Smiles]

    Trish: [Laughs]

    Meredith: We should just… Let’s cut to the chase. They made you look like a real bitch. They did. I mean, there’s no doubt.

    Star: Hence, “my question.”

    Meredith: Is it fair? Was it all set…?

    Joy: Are you a real bitch or did they make you look like a real bitch? [Laughter] That’s the question everybody wants to ask.

    Elisabeth: I’ve been on these reality shows and you give them what you give them. You have to take responsibility for what you say and what you do. There’s no dancing around that.

    Trish: Absolutely, absolutely. And I do. No, and I do. And I think, you know, I have a lot of different sides to me as does everyone at this table and in this audience does and…

    Joy: No we don’t. [Laughter]

    Meredith: Oh, I got a bad side, absolutely.

    Trish: Because of editing, you know, they’ll clip the front part of the conversation or the back part of the conversation and so you have to understand that I do have strong opinions about a lot of things.

    Star: Well you came across as sneaky and conniving, straight up.

    Trish: See, and I’m not. That’s the thing. I mean, I’m… What you see is what you get. I’m an open book.

    Elisabeth: Do you really [laughs] …do you hate little kids that have lollipop stains on them?

    Trish: Um, you know what. That, that is, um, I’m glad you brought that up. Because apparently everyone out there thinks that I hate children, and…

    Elisabeth: But you said you didn’t like children who were dirty and had lollipop stains on them. That’s like half the kids out there. [Laughter]

    Trish: I said I did not like messy children. I did not say I didn’t like children.

    Star: I agree with you on that, okay.

    Trish: Thank you. I do like children. [Laughs] I would like to have one, someday.

    Meredith: Did you really sleep with a married man, and was it my husband? I really… [laughs]

    Trish: It was not your husband [laughs]. Um, you know, stupid things that you do in your early twenties. You have to remember that most of these girls in this house are, you know, 21, 22, 23. I’m 28. [Cuts to vidcap/photo of Trish wearing the tiara and “Gold Digger” shirt. Camera zooms in on the word, “Gold Digger”] You know, there is a lot of, um, …

    Joy: …water under the bridge.

    Trish: There’s a lot of water under the bridge, and yes, did I do these things? Yes I did. Do I take responsibility for them? Yes I do. Um, …

    Meredith: Do you wish you hadn’t talked about it on the show?

    Trish: You know, [long pause, then sighs] probably. You know, I kinda laugh because I say when I was packing to go to L.A., I apparently forgot to pack the filter for my mouth.

    Meredith: On the other hand, you’re open.

    Joy: I liked the fact that you didn’t cry when he dumped you. I liked that. You were tough.

    Star: That’s because she’s gonna be a stalker, but for the camera. [Laughter] I’d be a freak, just like, [makes the famous creepy sound from the movie, Psycho, while she gestures as if she has a knife]. What are you talking about? “I’ll be back.” What are you, Arnold Schwarzenegger? You coming back.

    Elisabeth: Why would you go back? You went back, though. Why? He obviously said that, “We’re not meant to be.” Why go back? [Cuts to preview scene where she interrupts Jesse and Mandy’s dinner]

    Trish: Um, you know a lot of it [pause] was um, gosh, I need a [pause] some of it I can’t talk about. But it’s really about, um, you kinda saw how I just sat there. I was stunned. I kinda didn’t know really what to say, so a lot of it is, you know, about getting the last word. And it may not be right, but that’s my personality. It’s like you know what, I need some…you know…

    Meredith: But did you come up with that in the moment? Or did the producers say to you, “Hey, it would be really good if you came back,” because that has to be set up.

    Trish: You’ll, you’ll…

    Meredith: Never know.

    Elisabeth: That’s why...

    Trish: You know, you never know and “stalker” is a little bit heavy when it, you know, describes me.

    Star: You know, she can’t really be a stalker. There’s a camera gonna be there.

    Trish: Yes, you understand.

    Joy: Do you feel victimized by the media? Do you feel victimized by the television show, by the producers?

    Trish: Actually, you know, most of the response I’ve gotten out on the street or at the mall or wherever I’ve been has been very positive, which has been a nice thing. I mean, I’ve had women, women with children, who come up to me all the time and say, “We get it. You know, I don’t like my children messy.” [Hosts laugh] Or, um, I think a lot of the older women that watch the show who have been through life, and who have been through marriages and divorce and all sorts of stuff that I’ve kinda talked about or been through, they get it.

    Joy: What about married women?

    Elisabeth: They gotta be tough on you.

    Joy: Yeah, how do they feel about it, married women?

    Elisabeth: Because I think that’s how every…From a married woman’s perspective, …

    Trish: Absolutely.

    Elisabeth: I mean, people say, “Oh he’s a cheating man,” but you know what? There’s a married woman on the other end of that.

    Trish: Absolutely, yes.

    Elisabeth: For you to really bring a face to that notion was…

    Joy: …dangerous.

    Elisabeth: …quite hard to take.

    Trish: Yeah, and you know what, I assume full responsibility for it.

    Star: Why did you feel the need to be so brutally honest? I mean, I admire honesty but do you remember the drinking game? And you started…

    Trish: Oooh, the infamous drinking game. [Laughs] [Cuts to scenes from the drinking game]

    Star: …and you guys were all sitting around and the “I never” game: And I never slept with this kind of person; I never slept with a married man. You said, “Yes, I slept with a married man, been with a woman.” I mean, all kinds of…

    Joy: Oh, you’ve been with a woman, too? I missed that. Whoa. [laughter]

    Trish: That didn’t come up… No, no, no. That didn’t come up in the game. That was, you know…

    Star: I mean, just interesting things that I would say are honest, but…

    Trish: Yes.

    Joy: Bill Geddie likes this. [Laughter. She says, to their executive producer sitting in front row]

    Geddie: I’m sorry we didn’t give her more time.

    Joy: Bill, lesbian fantasies. [laughs]

    Star: You know what I mean, if you were very honest and open…

    Trish: Yes.

    Star: …and a lot of people would not have been, that’s what I’m saying.

    Joy: Were you telling the truth really? How much…

    Elisabeth: I think she was telling the truth.

    Joy: …You’re only 28. You sound like you have the experience of a 50-year-old.

    Trish: [Appears not sure how to respond. Just gives Joy a wide-eyed look while smiling and laughing]

    Elisabeth: I’m 27 yet… [I couldn’t dig out the rest of her words here.]

    Joy: A married guy, a lot of guys, a lesbian relationship…

    Trish: I, oooh, unh, wait, let’s back off on that one.

    Joy: What else? What else? [The hosts started to talk at the same time]

    Trish: No, no, no, I’m gonna back off on that. Did I say certain things for, at that point in time in the whole like kissing girls thing came up, whatever. I had been so backed into a corner at that point in time and attacked. I mean, if you sit there and watch the footage, I mean, these women sat there and attacked me so it was kind of like, and again, it might not have been right, but you know what, it was like, “you’ve made me uncomfortable, so I’m gonna make you uncomfortable.” And it was more of a shock value, than anything else. It was made out to be much worse than…

    Meredith: Have they asked you to be the next Bachelorette?

    Trish: [Pauses] That would be interesting.

    Meredith: Have they asked you?

    Trish: Ah, [pauses, looks down, sort of smiles] you know, that would be interesting.

    Joy: She can’t tell anything…

    Meredith: They’ve asked her, I think.

    Joy: Don’t start anything.

    Meredith: I’m not gonna start with anything.

    Star: I think it would be a very good idea.

    Trish: And I have to laugh ‘cause I think, would anybody even sign up, ‘cause everyone would think, “I have to bring this woman home to my mother,” you know, [laughs]

    Joy: Go out with old guys. Their mothers are dead. Go ahead.

    Meredith: Look it, you’re honest, open and gorgeous, so what the heck. It’s a pleasure to have you.

    Trish: Thank you.

    Meredith: [To camera]: Our thanks to Trish Schneider. See what happens when Trish returns to The Bachelor next Wednesday, [does the Psycho movie sound and gestures like she has a knife], at 9 right here on ABC. [Laughs] We’ll be back. No, she’s not a stalker.

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    Thanks for the transcript !

    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth
    Elisabeth: I’ve been on these reality shows and you give them what you give them. You have to take responsibility for what you say and what you do. There’s no dancing around that.
    I loved poor little Lis who made us love her till her hair fell out in chunks , telling Trash hey girl don't tell ME about 24/7 cameras.

    Our motto is Cali's "you can't edit IN a bad personality" from day one of the FORT. If you are a sweetheart it shows, and if you are a beotch - it shows. Two more opposite figures in reality tv couldn't be found if they tried, than Trish and Elizabeth.

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    That was extremely nice of you to go to all that trouble... I know how the women all talk over each other, so that must have been pretty difficult to transcribe... I didn't get to watch the program, but now I feel like I almost did!
    My favorite parts:
    Joy: …You’re only 28. You sound like you have the experience of a 50-year-old.
    Joy: Go out with old guys. Their mothers are dead. Go ahead.
    That Joy is really funny! (And right!)

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    Sorry but apparently sleeping with married men isn't what someone does in their 20's. There were lots of other 20-something girls in that same room with her when she said that who had NOT slept with married men.

    Translation--some people have morals and some people don't.

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    I believe editing has alot to do with it because im sure they take things out of context. Sure they can only use what you give them but they also can only tell part of the story. If we're hearing someone say one thing but not hearing what led up to that, then yes editing plays a big part in it.

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