It's amazing how loose all the contestants have been this season about the editing/manipulation. It really makes the show look bad. I know we're all aware that reality doesn't apparently mean REALITY when it comes to TV, but I know I've been surprised to learn about the depth of the producer's interference. If I wanted to watch Elimidate, I would

It's hard to believe that there has been no romantic chemistry going on (outside of Trish, but that is based on a combination of lust and deception - not a good foundation for the long haul). I can't believe there has been no one else to focus on! But maybe after that infamous dinner date on week 2, word got around about his drunken rantings over his ex, and the other gals just took a few steps back. And I guess that if I were one of them, I'd be questioning whether he was the right one after watching his continued interest in a woman I knew to be rude, arrogant, and selfish.

Why can't the producers pick someone who is really ready to settle down? Surely they can tell a lot about they guy's true motivation by the screening they do - probably more than he knows about himself.