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Thread: TVGuide Interview - "Karen Trashes Trish"

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    TVGO: So after Jesse's flub, he gave you the rose but also let Karen stay.
    Didn't they mean Katie?

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    It kills me that he went out of his way to keep Karen but spent almost no time actually getting to know her. But then, when conversations are orchestrated like this, how could he? Pathetic.
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    Thanks for posting! Karen was one of my favorites, and I wished she had stayed longer. That editing put a sour taste in my mouth though.

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    It annoys me that they told them what to say to each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H2O
    Karen: [Chuckles] Trish would be like, "Did you not bring your stock portfolio? That's unfortunate because I need to see your net worth." And her suitors would all be over 60.
    That was a GREAT interview. Thanks! You know.... I really think a Bachelorette show with Trish would be hilarious. SO entertaining!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Thanks for posting! Karen was one of my favorites, and I wished she had stayed longer. That editing put a sour taste in my mouth though.
    Me, too! I liked Karen, too. I thought she was a natural. Too bad we didn't see any interaction between she and Jesse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Six Degrees
    We were let down by seeing nothing more than a lengthy version of Elimidate.
    I've been trying for weeks to put my finger on what's wrong with this show and you just nailed it!! That's exactly the problem--people are just stereotypes of their real personalities, which is entertaining in a half-hour show, but incredibly boring in a 40-week show (or however long this season lasts--it feels like 40 weeks!!!)

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    If this show is so manipulated, how on earth can a serious relationship develop? It would almost have to happen while the cameras were off or focused on someone or somewhere else. The fact that Trista and Ryan, Andrew and Jen for awhile, and now Meredith and Ian actually found someone special in such a contrived environment is a wonder.

    I think Karen's trashing of Trish in that interview (regardless of her opinion of Trish and her behavior) was tactless and mean. It definitely brought my opinion of Karen down - not my opinion of Trish. To publically castigate someone else is immature at best and vicious at worst. I always think less of someone who does that.

    The show is definitely going down the tubes. It is so rigidly edited and contrived that it has become laughable and boring, rather than fun and romantic. I guess if the romance and chemistry isn't there (as seems to be the case on this one), they have to manufacture it. It appears almost certain that as soon as the obligatory talk show circuit and guest appearances are over, so will Jesse's relationship with the "lucky" girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H2O
    Karen: You know, she told everyone Jesse kisses like a 40-year-old man. I'm like, "Huh?" It was an odd thing to hear that "he takes control like an older man."

    That was hilarious, thanks for posting.
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    When did 40 become older?

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