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Thread: Why CANT he pick whoever he wants??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh
    Jenny's opinion was obviously useless to him. I'm wondering why they even had her on the show. If you had just met some guy/girl and your friend told you all those stories, wouldn't you be heading the other way? Or, would you tell the friend to take a hike, as he did? I question the solidity of that friendship. Also, don't blame Jenny for saying she couldn't be friends anymore. Why would anyone subject themselves to that?
    Don't think that Jesse isn't paying attention to Jenny's advice because he hasn't given Trish the boot. One of the (few) admirable traits in this man is that he wishes to see it for himself before he makes a decision. Remember that Jesse hasn't seen everything about Trish that the other girls and the viewers have been privy too. Now that he's been alerted he's digging for information from Trish. She'll be gone soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg
    Trish probably is the only SMART one on there (the rest of the chicks are looking for an imaginary romance), she decided SHE would portray herself as a slut,(as we all know, reality show sluts get lots of post-show job opportunities) and ABC ran with it. I bet she concocted the all the props (tiara, hooker tees, golddigger tees, etc) herself, she plans on selling the crap on eBay after the show for outrageous prices and of course some morons 'll buy them She knows she doesn't want to marry some dumb football player, why marry when she can just sleep with a married one This girl done manipulated ABC, Jesse, the other chicks in the house, and probably in the recent future Playboy and/or some other genius network execs that will probably give her some kind of gig on tv
    wow.... my brain just melted.... I can't imagine that mindset....
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