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Thread: ESPN Page 3 Interview with Jesse

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    ESPN Page 3 Interview with Jesse

    Nothing too exciting, but he does explain the hand motion w/ Jesse H.- still I don't know if I buy it:


    When the NY Giants' Jesse Palmer stepped out of the radio booth, having just survived a session with ESPN's Dan Patrick on his eponymous show, there was a definite crowd building. Some were bunched together on the second floor of ESPN Zone New York as typical Times Square tourists, looking on with the usual, head-swiveling curiosity. Others were a little more sophisticated with their gawking and knew that Palmer was someone to watch.

    America's favorite hubby, Nick Lachey, posed with Palmer at the recent launch of Jessica Simpson's new product, Dessert Beauty.
    Tall, tanned (not to that Hollywood tangerine level) and dressed in a sharply coordinated but casual jacket-pant combo, Palmer looked the part. But what part is that? Cool jock? Updated Don Johnson? Or a better looking Nick Lachey?

    Lachey makes no secret about the frustrations he feels being more recognized as a reality TV husband (married to America's latest sweetheart) than a serious singer and musician. Seeing Palmer, a real live NFL pro baller, one is left to wonder if he is prepared for the reality TV fallout that might come from his turn as "The Bachelor."

    "It's weird," Palmer admits about his new star status. "Watching yourself play football, it's one thing. You see yourself doing something you enjoy doing. Subconsciously you think you look better on the field than you do ... think you move faster than you really do. Watching myself in this kind of environment is pretty surreal.

    "Interestingly enough, what makes it easier is seeing (the show) with the guys ... not being in a room by myself watching it because I'd overanalyze everything. Having guys like (teammate) Amani (Toomer) and other guys watch it is a lot better. You kinda talk through different things and laugh at yourself."

    Palmer is three episodes in on "The Bachelor" (the next one airs Wednesday night on ABC at 9 p.m. ET) and already the buzz is on. In retrospect, including the sports world in the search for the next Bachelor seems like a no-brainer.

    So many of us would rather eat a plate of hyena eyeballs than ... ummm, no, too Fear Factor-ish. We are so fascinated by reality TV that we'd elect to listen to a William Hung rendition of ... right, that's American Idol-y.

    Basically, reality TV has taken over our points of reference, our water coolers, our lives. But somehow incorporating our beloved sports and its stars in something we can barely tolerate has proven to be the recipe for Can't-Turn-Away TV.

    "I'm extremely happy about all the episodes. I don't take myself too seriously that I can't laugh at myself and have fun with it. And I think I've done that," Palmer says. He maintains that what you see is what you get and lights, and cameras will not change that.

    "I've said from day one, I'm not acting; I'm being myself, with the good and the bad. There's been some mistakes. ... There was the mess-up in the first rose ceremony. That was me being me, and had it been acting, we could have just re-shot that scene. What I'm most happy about right now, and how I know it's OK, is that my family is very happy with it. Friends and the guys in the locker room are saying, 'That is you, dude.' And it's great. If we watched an episode and Amani looked at me and said, 'Who the hell was that? Who are you?' I'd be a bit more worried about it.

    "The people that know me best know that it's me on TV. In that first episode when I screwed the girl's name up, my buddy David pointed at me and said, 'Dude, that is so something you would do!' "

    Could this be a look into the future? Mrs.Trish Palmer? Shudder at the thought.In last week's episode, Palmer found himself in another awkward situation again, but this time it was not by his own doing. Jessica H., the attorney from Texas, decided to get a little closer after a dip in the hot tub with Palmer and the other women. Apparently taking on a "win-or-go-home" attitude, Jessica H. saw the alone time as her one shot at making an impression. Enthusiastically touching and feeling up Palmer, Jessica H. succeeded ... in creeping the guy out, that is.

    After playing dead, Palmer convinced the touchy-feely Texan to rejoin the group outside. As he left, he sent a message to his boys with a slight behind-the-shoulder hand move.

    "It's an inside joke," he admits, smiling but not offering any real elaboration. "It's something my buddies and I used to do in college and the guys in New York do it now. It was an inside joke and not meant to be disrespectful to Jessica. It was a sign for the guys back home. It was good because I got like 10 phone calls immediately with the guys going, 'You're keeping it real! Now we know you're not acting!' "

    And acting is not something Palmer is planning to do, now or even in the near future, despite the fact that more and more athletes are crossing over into Hollywood and the entertainment world.

    "I think there are tons of great personalities in sports. After this show, who knows if they'll ever want another athlete to be involved with reality TV again, but I think there are a lot of great guys in our locker room.

    "I've said it 100 times, Dhani Jones would be an amazing 'Bachelor.' There's a receiver named David Givens who would be a great 'Bachelor.' I don't think in sports you get a chance for that (other side) to come out. You only see them in a work environment. I mean, you're interviewing them only after they've thrown for four touchdowns and had four interceptions. I don't know if that's always reality either.

    What, doesn't everyone go for a relaxing elephant back ride on the second date?"I really don't know what the opportunities are for that, to be honest, I'm solely focused on football. I want to stay committed to football. Football was my first love before the show, and it's back to that again. I want to play 'til I'm 40 years old, if I'm lucky."

    Dealing with his new celebrity has been relatively easy for Palmer. Thanks to friends, family and teammates, his head still fits comfortably in his helmet.

    "I know who I am. My friends and family and the guys in the locker room know who I am, and nothing has changed. We still do the same things. We still play golf, we still hang out, we still all workout together. ... We've got a close-knit group of guys, and it's great. If any of them for a second thought that I was getting a big head, they would quickly deflate that, fast," he says with a reassured laugh.

    "You go into such extremes -- from being relatively unknown to everybody in America. ... You know it's funny, Jim Vince said, 'You're going to be walking through airports and total strangers are going to know who you are.' It's just one of those things, and I'm fine with that. I think I'm very secure with who I am. I'm very comfortable in my own skin, and I don't have any skeletons in the closet. Up to this point the whole thing has been really enjoyable.

    "The first adventure was filming it, and the second one is everything that comes after, like this (interview). This whole thing has been a great experience."

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