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Thread: The Bachelor 4/28 Episode - One Is The Loneliest Number

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creedfreak
    The whole Titanic thing...I so did not think they would go there, pathetically, and they did. Almost had to laugh at the fakeness. Bad call!! :phhht

    Yeah, Totally cheesy.

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    Of course, now I have that Amy Mann song running through my head.

    He tells the ladies that three of them will be receiving one on one dates with Jesse, while the remaining three will be going on the kissofdeath final group date.

    Trish immediately looked like the victim of a botched eyebrow lift.

    During the kiss, Jesse says, “Thanks for being so honest.” Yes, as if we did not all know before, Jesse is determined to have sex with this woman no matter what anyone says.

    They head back to meet the others, where Jesse asks Karen for some alone time. He admits that he does not know anything about her, but this doesn’t stop him from making out with her.

    Jesse asks if she is always going to be a frigid biatch or if it’s just because of the cameras.

    Loved it sher
    Great job.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Thanks Sher!
    Great Job!

    Your eyebrow observations had me rolling!

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    This is Tara, Mandy and Jessica's new mantra:


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    thanks sher!! great recap. i missed half of it and this was more than helpful filling in the gaps!!!
    i thought this was way to funny!!!
    As everyone is saying their good-byes, Karen walks up to Jesse and says, “You’ve got three really wonderful girls there and one that is in it for the wrong reasons.” Jesse looks like she just punched him in the stomach and ponders on camera, “Did I just make a horrible mistake?” Well, Jesse – that depends on what your ultimate goal is. If you are looking for a hot roll in the sack, then you didn’t screw up at all.

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    Fabulous job Sher. Sometimes, I watch the show just so I can relate to the recaps. Naturally, the recap is so much better

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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    The four women (sans Tara and Trish) tap the keg, pop the cork on a few bottles of wine and champagne and proceed to marathon drink, ending with a good old fashioned chicken fight as marathon drinking always does.
    Hilarious! Thanks Sher, I missed the show and have been awaiting your recap!

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    Did anyone else notice that it was ALWAYS Trash that answered the door when Jesse came 'a knockin??? Except when it was her date... wanted to make a grand entrance that time.... but every other time she had to open the door and give him her sheepish slutty little smile (insert puking smiley here... I could not find it!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    Last week on the Bachelor

    Now the eyebrows of every one of the ladies pops up high on their foreheads – except Trish’s. She looks relaxed for the first time.

    that had me rollin!! great! I look forward to these every week..even re read them!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!! BRAVO!

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    As they pull up to the mansion, I half expect him to whip it out as soon as they enter the place. Instead he keeps all his appendages in their locked and upright position – well, maybe not upright yet ...

    Great recap, Sher!

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