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Thread: There's Something Not Right About This Season's Editing

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    Hi, I'm new. I haven't really watched this season because it is so boring. What a yawn! It seems to me like the most interesting candidates for Jesse left by the second episode - Anne Catherine, Mandy C., and Kristy. And, I think that those women showed a maturity lacking in the remaining "girls" (yes, that includes Trish) when they left. Jesse looks a little like an ewok (jmho) and does not seem fun like Andrew or Ian.

    Too bad Brett Favre is married - he would have been fun to watch. And they would not have had to do funky editing.

    Alas, we've been spoiled. The Bachelorette is way better. Even My Big Fat Obnoxious... yadda yadda is better than this train wreck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pansygirl
    I think there is more to this show ....there is other good stuff about the other girls that they could show but they have decided on the Trish direction , I have to believe that there is alot of wonderful if not good stuff on the editing floor about the other girls that is just waiting to jump on the boat.......

    The Trish stuff is so old! Who cares what the girls think of Trish? That's all they show -- the girls talking about Trish. Maybe the girls also talked about how boring they thought Jesse is, but the producers didn't want to show that b/c it reflects on their bad choice of bachelor. Come to think of it, none of the girls have really talked about what they even like about Jesse. They say they like him or they are falling for him, but we don't get a sense why. That's what I'd like to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby
    I agree.

    Then I got to thinking... what if this is the only way they had to edit the show. What if Jesse was just so damn boring that there was nothing else to do. Obviously 99% of these girls are not going to be on Jeopardy! anytime soon.. what if this was the lamest Bachelor and all the producers had to show was Trish behaving badly. To be honest this show is boring cause you can't edit in personality. Trish was it. And even she was boring cause all she knew how to do was drop her little sexual bomb comments all over the place. Even her big stalking moment was boring.

    So I hope they do alot better casting! And I prefer to see a Bachelorette!
    Maybe you are on to something! Maybe they really have nothing to go on so they are editing in all the Trish-trash they can in the hopes of creating a show. I just can't figure it out at all. I can't distinguish Tara from Jessica (because neither has gotten much footage and the footage we have gotten has been so weak) so I have no clue how Jesse is going to pick one of them. Sadly, nor do I care which one he picks.

    And Jesse, well, Jesse is boring as dirt. Someone else mentioned this also, but the women on the show have yet to articulate a reason why ANYONE would be interested in Jesse other than his hot bod and big paycheck. (It's all making Trish's gold digger t-shirt make more sense to me).
    Shaken, not stirred.

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