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Thread: Deliberation

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    I agree with baxpup that it would be one way for ABC to show us more of the Bach with the women.

    However, at times, you do get something from the person watching the vids. Often there's a "tell" in his/her reaction and you'll know if the person is getting a rose or the boot. It'll be in the eyes or the mouth, with a grin or the makings of one. If someone's not getting a rose, the Bach tries very hard not to react and looks fairly stone-faced or sad.

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    i don't miss the beggin' ho videos at all. however, i feel sure they'll be back now that jenny is gone.

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    I dont miss the deliberation i just feel like chris harrison's role is becoming more like that of the host from joe millionaire (the first one)--- like he just has one scene. Maybe i miss chris and should just start watch for designers challenge on HGTV.

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