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Thread: What happened to Bill's audition tape?

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    You can find Bill's Bachelor audition tape on the Extra TV website. Sorry, I'm new so I can't post the link. Choose Video Player then click Online Exclusives.

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    Here you go:


    I still say he's a dope!
    If I'd been a ranch, they would have named me The Bar None~~ Gilda

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    Quote Originally Posted by realitycrazmom
    He was plain AWFUL!

    He sounded like a dog in heat!

    And he was talking a mile a minute too! "She'dbetternotbeinitfor theearlyretirementbecausethat' snothowit'sgoingtobe..."

    What a dope!
    That was sooooooooo funny! "He sounded like a dog in heat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by psucashcow
    Yeah, I think Bill came off pretty pathetic sounding. Sounds like if and when he gets married, it will be a trophy wife with a ironclad pre-nup to boot.
    Well, perhaps Donald Trump selected him due to their similar interests in arm-pieces!

    Have they released his audition tape for Survivor?

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    Yeah...gross. I'll bet he's mortified that they showed that! When he said the "I like attractive girls...the hotter the better." Oh, lord...I almost puked. He was trying SO hard to get picked! Yuck.

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    When I saw the tape on EXTRA, Bill was asked if he had ever had any one night stands. He admitted that he has had one night stands.

    This was the same week that the women were shocked about Jesse saying that he was tired of waking up to strange faces. At least I can understand why women would have one night stands with Jesse.

    Jen can have Bill. Jen, the Donald, and Carolyn have bad taste.

    Bill also lied in a TV Guide interview that was on Sirlinksalot.net about his involvement with The Bachelor. He said he did not apply or audition for the show. Omarosa was not the only liar on The Apprentice.

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    He sounded like a horny dumba**. I swear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    I thought he sounded pathetic in his tape. It was evident why they didn't pick him at the time.

    Why would he want to be on the show? "Because of all of the HOT lookin' girls!" screams he, drool spewing down his chin. ACK! :rolleyes
    I know! He was so completely desperate it was painful to watch! I guess we know why he didn't get picked!

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    Wonder how Jen feels now. After all, Bill told the world he likes his women "dirty." Jen? Dirty? Hmmmm....

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    He seems like too much of a sleeze-ball for our sweet Jen! I sort of liked him on the Apprentice, but after seeing the little bits they showed us of the audition tape - eww, Bill... (you can't edit in someone saying they like women to be "dirty"...!)

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