From ESPN Magazine
Excerpts from "The Spin"
by Eddie Matz

Before taking snaps for the Giants and Gators, backup QB turned prime-time Bachelor Jesse Palmer spent two years taking cues from Jonas Raymond. So who better than the former QB coach of Ottawa's Myers Riders club (Raymond) to break down game tape of his star player's premier performance? (No one, that's who)

Palmer rolls out of bed on the big day-
Breakdown: Who got Jesse to shave his chest? That is not very Canadian. it looks like artificial turf.

Palmer speaks French to Quebecer Anne-Catherine-
Breakdown: Good move telling her he's Canadian. But he put himself in a big hole with the French thing. I know bad French when I hear it.

Palmer gives first-impression rose to model Trish-
Breakdown: I would've given it to that soccer play, Mandy. She is smokin' hot. Trish is also good looking, but she seems like a bit of a boat-rocker.

Palmer describes his goal: "I want to find somebody to spend the rest of my life with."-
Breakdown: I can't believe he dangled a preposition like that. Most of them probably didin't notice, but I'm sure the smart ones, like the law student, did.

Palmer mistakenly offers the last rose to Katie instead of Karen-
Breakdown: Jesse never calls the wrong play, so I'm guessing that came from the producer's playbook. They had to make it the most shocking rose ceremony ever. Jesse certainly sold the fake with those tears.

Palmer does not offer a rose to the football obsessed Dolores-
Breakdown: Bad call. You can coach her not to talk about football, but you can't coach hot.