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Thread: What does it mean to be "in this for the right reasons"?????

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    I personally think that the phrase "for the right reasons" should be banned, along with my OTHER least favorite phrase:

    "...get to know you better..." GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    I swear to God, I want to throw a brick through my TV everytime someone says it....probably because it's said about 20,000 times a season!!!

    Ok....rant over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siryn

    As for the aggressiveness required - to a degree, I agree that it is incumbent upon the women to make their move and get to know him. Time is limited. They only get one freaking date a week. And they are hoping to walk away with a fiancÚ? Hell yeah, you better get some alone time and talk to the guy, see what the heck is going on in his head and whether or not you like it. So in a way, I agree with Jesse's decision to get rid of the passive-aggressive, but someone like Julie just grates on my every nerve. Frickin' bubblehead. Augh.

    There really is no sense in proposing after 6 weeks. It really isn't enough time.
    They should continue courtship after the show ends and see what road they can take from there. Just that there is barely a relationship after 6 weeks, after having kissed all those women and spent intimate time with some of them.

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    As to whether the burden is on the women to be aggressive and compete for Jesse's attention, why isn't it just as much his obligation to make sure everyone gets a little time alone with him? Doesn't he want to make sure he's making the right decision? Or is he maybe really just looking for a girl who will throw herself at him, in which case letting them cat fight over him might work. Saying that a certain girl didn't make an effort to get to know him, I think, is really just code for "I think she's a dog, I didn't want to be alone with her, and if I was alone with her I kept her at arm's length."

    And ahhh, his loss for not giving the more reticent women a chance. I seem to recall a certain Mr. McKee who was not into the battle for the girl's attention. What if Meredith had cut him because he wasn't aggressive enough? Shudder the thought!

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    FYI - Jesse Palmer's salary in 2002 was $303,600.00... in 2001 with his signing bonus was $570,333.00

    thats a bit more than my husband made in the past 2 years
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    FYI, from a first time poster and NY Giant fan, the Giants signed Jesse to a one year contract yesterday for $628,000. That should be more than enough to cover Trash's nanny and personal trainer and still leave Jesse with plenty of singles to bring to the strip club (and maybe a few extra singles for Trash, whom I can certainly see going to the club with him to pick up a few new moves).

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    I doubt that Jesse knows what the "right reasons" are. Since that is a phrase that is repeated ad nauseum in every one of these shows, the producers have their own meaning - "the big lug wants to get married and wants a lady who feels the same way . . and we want a proposal at the end so we can make big money by making the fans happy". I think they tell each bachelor/bachelorette to say that at sometime during the competition to explain why someone wasn't picked (rather than saying - hey - there is NO chemistry, she really isn't into me, and/or I doubt that I could get her into bed.

    I find Trish/Trash refreshingly candid. She is way too sophisticated and worldly for Jesse. He reacts to her like a puppy with his tongue hanging out. Is she in it for the "right reasons"? Probably not, but who cares - she's fun! (I hope she stays and gives both him and his "friend" a run for it). Since she is being cast by the editors as the bad girl, she may be in it for a while yet (maybe even the final two). But he won't choose her - he'll pick someone bland that will please the fans as the "good girl" winner.

    This scenario is getting a bit old. I'd love to see him pick Trish/Trash and after the final rose ceremony, she dumps him.

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