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Thread: Why Does Nobody Decline Roses at the RC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy
    I can't see ABC actually saying No to a scenario where the actual rose is rejected. I'd like to think that the reason the bachelors/bachelorettes are told before hand is to save them the embarrassment of outright rejection. Classy, in my opinion
    I think it would be embarrassing to ABC to have its choice of "one of the most eligible men in America" rejected during what is meant to be a smooth, highly scripted, and ceremonial end to each show. I agree if you mean that the contestants are classy for telling him beforehand, although even then I think ABC avoided showing other scenes where it looked like Jesse was being rejected (Mandy C and Anne-Catherine rejecting him, rather than vice versa, is an educated guess).

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    Quote Originally Posted by sis3
    It was Brian and he bailed before Trista's speech.
    Was that the guy with the farm??

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    An ex-con also walked out on Andrew Firestone at a rose ceremony. She was from Florida and had a criminal record for a shooting incident at a public school sign.

    Liz (another bachelorette) actually cried and was much more upset over her departure than Andrew.

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    I think that those who will decline a rose talk to the bachelor/ette in advance so that person can decline to pick them. That way, they are both protected from embarrassment AND it's very polite to the bachelor/ette, so that person can have someone else in mind at the rose ceremony. Imagine if the last person offered a rose declined it? Presumably the b/ette would be allowed to pick someone else, but then that person would know that they weren't an original choice. Bad feelings all around.

    So I guess the answer is because people in general are nicer than ABC wishes they were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Lee
    Was that the guy with the farm??
    I think you're thinking of Brook. He's the guy she told she was allergic to horses and he got offended. He didn't get a rose that night but didn't bail early.

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