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  • Jenny

    1 1.05%
  • Jessica B

    2 2.11%
  • Jessica H

    22 23.16%
  • Julie

    24 25.26%
  • Karen

    6 6.32%
  • Katie

    5 5.26%
  • Mandy J

    0 0%
  • Suzie

    9 9.47%
  • Tara

    3 3.16%
  • Trish

    23 24.21%
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Thread: the stalker - any guesses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    yeah, but i'm guessing they just edited to look like that person running her hands over him was the one he called creepy. but i definitely could be wrong. i just don't think that would creep him out seeing as how he's had lots of strangers running their hands over him in the past.

    I've seen a few pictures of the girl running her hands over him and I'm not exactly sure who it is...I'm basing my guess on the shoes, not the person running her hands over his chest....they could be using the shoes as a set up, too...who knows, they try so many things to trip us up.....

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    Anemic Dog
    It's also clearly Jesse H. in the back shot of the girl where they have the voice-over, "he made a big mistake by sending me home."

    Obviously, that's not proof - they've been misleading before matching video with voice-over. But combine that with his comments about the hands on the chest, and I'm getting more convinced by the minute.

    It also has to be the round of 6 episode when this stalker story gets played out. Too much is going on during the home date and fantasy date rounds, and if it were next week it would have been in the most recent preview.

    So, it pretty much has to be someone who is eliminated next week. None of the women eliminated this week seemed all that upset.

    Jessed, what I was referring to was the amazing resume for a 25-year-old. Already passed the state bar in Texas, yet has somehow found the time to appear in several movies and is clearly somewhat successful in starting an acting career. She is driven. She obviously goes after what she wants. I thought the blue sweater for the dinner date was bizarre (fashion sense). And, especially during the first rose ceremony when she was chosen, she just seemed to act a little strangely. Not seriously strangely. Again, I think this stalker thing is probably very much overblown. But she's just an odd duck. I don't mean that necessarily in a negative way.

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    JesseH. seems most likely.

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    Bachelor Addict berries's Avatar
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    I don't think there even IS a stalker! Let's not forget how ABC edits everything to death, and how they show all kinds of things out of context - don't forget the big ambulance scene on the Blob series...
    These little "teasers" usually turn out to be absolutely nothing!

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    I picked Suzie just because she irritates the crap out of me and I want her to go to jail for violating the restraining order that Jesse will get against her. I don't think anything exciting will happen during the show--we should be so lucky. But maybe after the show is aired the true stalker will make herself known.
    "Look, you love me, and I love you. Maybe in a different time, a different place, this would work out. But we both know that only one of us is leaving this room alive, and I'm the one holding the flame thrower." - Film Fakers

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    Trish because she seems she is the only one bold enough to do it and also the only one who thinks she is so perfect she won't get why he doesn't want her.

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    What the BLEEP do we know tigergirl's Avatar
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    I went with Julie because I thought her little rose ceremony performance (go Jesse go!) was incredibly inappropriate and showed that she doesn't care much for anyone else's feelings, only her own.

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    FORT IrrRegular WickedBlu's Avatar
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    I keep thinking that it's not any of the girls still left on the show....

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    FORT Fogey glowgirl's Avatar
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    Call me crazy, but I do think the stalker is Jenny S. Who else would ABC allow to hang around and snoop while they captured it on black and white Hitchcock-ish footage? What if Jesse offers Trish a rose and not Jenny? Can't think of any scenario where the stalker thing is anything but a joke. Any theories on how any other person could be creeping around the ABC set with a camera on her tail?

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    Bachelor Addict berries's Avatar
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    I just thought of something...
    Maybe some of the women get suspicous about Jenny & that's how Jesse explains it - that she might be "stalking" him.... ?

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