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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    "Try and control yourself on these dates and remember you're being filmed at all times and no matter how much you think you believe it now you are NOT in love with this guy you just think you are."

    That's one of the most astute observations I've seen. Too funny! (and true)

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    Final Rose

    The contestant need him to remind them about the concept of "one."

    If he weren't there, they'd all just stare at the last rose, wondering how many roses were left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Six Degrees
    The contestant need him to remind them about the concept of "one."

    If he weren't there, they'd all just stare at the last rose, wondering how many roses were left.
    Smile it makes people wonder what you are up to.

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    He's got game 681283547kansascity::melissaba ppp|Melissa|Y

    Posted on Wed, Apr. 28, 2004

    ALLISON LONG/The Kansas City Star

    Chris Harrison congratulates Beverly Duncan, with assistance from model Danni Boatwright, after Duncan won $250 on the big wheel at the Price is Right Live! at Harrah's Casino.

    He's got game

    Might ‘Bachelor' host Chris Harrison become the next Bob Barker?

    By WARD TRIPLETT The Kansas City Star

    Sure, hosting “The Bachelor” and “Designers' Challenge” on TV are great jobs to have. But for Chris Harrison, hosting the outreach version of “The Price Is Right” is, well, priceless.

    “Everybody should have the opportunity in their life to have their name called, a curtain open and have 500 or so people applauding,” he said Saturday at Harrah's Casino in North Kansas City. “It's like when I do the ‘after final rose' shows for ‘The Bachelor' … you feel like a rock star. It's the same rush. It's live, and either I'm going to go out and hit the home run or I'm going to fall on my face. I love that pressure.”

    Harrison has two more nights to be challenged at Harrah's before he heads back to his new home in Los Angeles, his wife, Gwen, and their two children, and his day job with “The Bachelor.” The prerecorded unscripted program airs Wednesdays on ABC, so at least tonight Harrison will, in effect, be competing with himself in Kansas City.

    But that doesn't mean the show is immune to current events. Last Saturday Harrison was getting updates about the NFL draft. Of particular interest was the New York Giants trading a lot for the rights to quarterback Eli Manning. That's the same position the current bachelor, Jesse Palmer, plays for the Giants.

    “I need to call my boy Jesse, he might be out of job,” Harrison joked. “And maybe the girl he chose, too. She might want to reconsider her decision. But they might get rid of Kerry Collins and keep Jesse behind Eli Manning. We'll see. But what's funny to me is to see the draft decisions today (affecting) our ‘Bachelor' … that the show has become part of sports culture.”

    Harrison himself comes from a sports background. He grew up in the Dallas area, playing several sports and earning a soccer scholarship to Oklahoma City University. He got interested in broadcasting there and started on TV doing a weekend morning sportscast for $100 a weekend. Eventually he got a full-time job as a sportscaster with the CBS affiliate there.

    “The plan was to eventually get a job back home and cover my hometown Cowboys, Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks and live happily ever after,” he said.

    In 1999 his agent told him about a horse-racing network that was auditioning potential hosts. The catch was he'd have to move to Los Angeles. He gave it a shot and won the job, which opened other doors for him.

    He got to host “Mall Masters” on the Game Show Network, found his way into several films and TV series, and eventually moved on to “Designers' Challenge” in '99 and then “The Bachelor” in 2001.

    Harrison said he didn't think much of the concept the first time he heard about it.

    “My agent wanted me to talk to Mike Fleiss, and I said, ‘Fleiss?' He said, ‘Yeah, he's Heidi's cousin.' Then he said he had just done ‘Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?' which I thought was a disaster. So I said, ‘I want to talk to this guy? Why?' ”

    The more Harrison heard, though, the more he liked. He says Fleiss turned out to be “this mad genius, who has this weird creativity that comes from knowledge.” And “The Bachelor” turned out to be a nice vehicle for him to get on network TV.

    “We hope to create an engagement or relationship, and where it goes from there is up to them,” he said. “I fell in love with my wife rather quickly back in my sophomore year in college. So I do believe it can be done. (But) she likes to laugh that I'm giving relationship advice when the last date I had was with her back in the early '90s. Then again, maybe I'm the right guy since I at least seem to know what it takes to make it.”

    “The Bachelor” last week was picked up for at least two more rounds, so Harrison has that to look forward to. “Designers' Challenge” will hit the road more this next year, but Harrison does all of his work for both shows right at home in L.A. He quit the horse-racing gig in November because he wants to be able to spend more time at home.

    “It was one of those rare opportunities where I could afford to quit a full-time job,” he said. “There's no security (in the business), so giving up any job is hard. But I know when I'm old and gray I'm not going to say I wish I had worked a few more days. But I can say I took my son to opening day at the ballpark.”

    His long-term future might include more game shows. Harrison said he admires the Bob Barkers of that profession who are able to keep a show running. Harrison previously did a two-week run of this show in Reno, Nev. Its owners wanted him to do it again in Atlantic City, but he declined. Then he found out they were doing it in Kansas City. Back in his reporting days, Harrison covered the Big 8 and Big 12 tournaments here.

    “I love this city,” he said. “(Especially) the food. Living out in California now … I don't know why, but nobody can cook barbecue outside of the Midwest and the South. I don't get it, I don't know why it's such a secret, but the first thing I did when I got here was (get) a good steak and then barbecue.

    “But seriously, I love the people in the Midwest. It's not that the people in L.A. are bad, but when you meet someone here it's like you're their friend, their neighbor. You just feel very welcome here.”



    Harrah's is hosting “The Price Is Right!” through June 8, with announcer Daniel

    Rosen. Marc Summers, host of “Unwrapped,” will take over as host on Friday. Tickets cost $29.95. The show

    includes four games, highlights from the Bob Barker-hosted show and actual prizes. (The Saturday showcase, which included a Ford Thunderbird, was worth more than $20,000.) Call (816) 472-7777 for reservations.



    Some quick “Bachelor” answers from Chris Harrison:

    Why are the men 0-4 and the women 2-0?

    “I hate to stereotype, but I think women take this process a lot more seriously. They see 25 well-educated, smart, good-looking men, and they know how horrible the dating scene is. They think ‘This is the best chance I'm ever going to have of finding a husband.' The guys, they've had attention, they think they're pretty hip guys, they see 25 women and think this is a great chance to hang out with 25 women. Then this popularity comes, and it just goes to their head. They just haven't handled it as well.”

    Why no Kelly Jo as a “Bachelorette”?

    She was heavily considered … a great girl, gorgeous, charismatic, a type-A personality and in any other season it would have been considered a gold mine. But she was coming right after Bob Guiney, and Bob really came off in the end as a little insincere. I think America had lost a little faith in the show, and it was a little dangerous to follow Bob with Kelly Jo. If we had two seasons in a row like that it would have been a disaster for the franchise.”

    Which one changed the most?

    “Alex Michel. It was sad but funny to see. It's not all their fault because it isn't easy for these people to go from normal to superstar in a day. They don't take the normal progression of a normal actor. I understand and empathize, but I don't fully respect how they end up and treat other people.”

    Is Trish really that bad?

    The more these girls hate her, the more Jesse wants to see what's behind this. Even though the spy gave him this ultimatum, he's thinking, ‘Is she being a friend or is she being jealous?' I have (women) asking me now, ‘Tell me he didn't pick Trish!' She's our Omarosa (the much-vilified “Apprentice” candidate).”

    Can there be a nontraditional Bachelor?

    “Probably more than anything, I have so many women who say to me, ‘Why not do one with a 40- or 50-year-old Bachelorette.' (And) having a black or Hispanic Bachelor has been discussed … the dilemma is … would enough people watch?

    “In the end our job and my livelihood and my family depends on you watching my show. The bottom line is we have to entertain the masses. People much higher and much smarter than me determine who the masses are and what they want to see on TV.”

    Who pays for the makeovers on ‘Designers' Challenge'

    “The designing is free, but the people pay for the labor and the cost. These are real people with a real budget saying I have $15,000 … what can I do to make my kitchen look like it's a $100,000 kitchen? That's what these designers do. That's why I think the show is successful, because people can relate to it. They can see realistic ideas. So I'm glad they're not just giving people a million-dollar kitchen, and I'm glad I don't have to pay for it.”

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    Thanks for posting this, Chaserla!
    Wow, it sure makes Chris Harrison seem like a real person, and a nice one at that, compared to the robotic version we usually see! And he has some good insight about why the bachelorettes have been successful & the bachelors haven't! Weren't some of us saying the same thing?

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    Chris Harrison

    is the soul of the show. If there an emmy for hosts of reality shows (shouldn't there be by now), he'd be my choice and I'd nominate the scene where Jesse chose Katie thinking he had chosen Karen.

    Chris had
    1) more poise than the bachelor
    2) wrote Jesse's speech for him, which Jesse then mangled
    3) stayed helpful but unobtrusive, the perfect emcee/butler of the great tv household

    No one has better timing with the "This is the last rose" schtick that he does. He never makes it too big a deal, he never makes it feel routine and he always knows his place in the scheme of the show. ie. he's no Kathy Griffin.

    The only serious comeptition for Chris Harrison as reality show host would be Rodger Lodge of Blind Date and they made that guy a producer :}

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie9
    Why not a female host?
    All the female hosts I've ever seen on the dating shows have been lame -- I'm thinking Joe Millionaire 2 (yes, I watched it, kick me), and Forever Eden (kick me again, harder).

    IMO, Chris works because he's an average Joe, and the networks don't put an average Jane on TV unless they're trying to get you to laugh. :phhht

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    The interview just proves that Chris is the most real guy the show has ever had for a Bachelor and he is def stuck in this [freak] show; glad he has been w/ his wife since sophmore year.
    Big: You know, Manhattan has a lot of beautiful women.
    Carrie: What an amazing observation!
    Big: But the thing is, after awhile, you just wanna be with the one who makes you laugh.
    ~ Sex and the City

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    Chris Harrison

    How come he didn't get to do his "this is the final rose..." thing last night?

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    I like Chris Harrison..A lot of people give him crap about "not having a real role in the show" or "only saying one line (ladies, this is the final rose)" .. but if you look at all the cheesy TV show hosts out there, I think Chris would be at the top of the list. He is classy, and has a smug humor.. plus, he takes the show seriously, but not THAT seriously.

    Hosts that I cannot stand:

    -- that blonde dude from "Cupid"
    -- All the judges except for Tyra Banks on "Next Top Model"
    -- Paul Abdul
    -- Randy Jackson
    -- Chuck Wollory
    -- Lenny Anderson
    -- Pat Sajak
    -- Ty from "Extreme Home Makeover"

    Any other hosts that you like/hate?

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