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Wow - I can't believe that some people hate Karen so much! I thought she had a terrific sense of humor. Ok, she didn't photograph very well in some instances, but in candid shots she was really pretty. And, Jesse commented on how gorgeous Karen was during the first episode. She always seemed really classy and fun to me. One of my favorite scenes was her opening the front door to Jesse with the goggles & caulking tubes.

As respects her comments to Jesse at the end of the reward ceremony - I don't think she was being catty or bitter. She didn't even mention Trish by name! And, Karen's attitude was calm and helpful. Why do the same people here that laud Trish's comments as "honesty" about her sexcapades seem to think that Karen's good bye caution to Jesse was so terrible? I am soooooo confused!

And, here come the "pagent" comments again. Why do some people think that women that have been in pagents and/or sororities are all stuck on themselves and think everyone else is beneath them? I just don't understand the resentment.
Karen made a clever comment or two--that's a plus. A sense of humor is important. Otherwise, this is what I remember of her. I remember her posing questions to Trish that implied (wink, wink to her fellow gang-uppers) that Trish would marry an octogenarian with a bad heart just for his money, and that Trish was contemptible for not wanting to marry a poor man. These questions were designed only to spotlight what Karen saw as Trish's weaknesses, while not having to answer them herself. Trish, to her credit, answered the questions honestly and did not force them back on Karen. I remember Karen taking a parting shot at Trish under circumstances where Jesse could not possibly ask Karen for any proof or clarification. This was not a conversation, it was a public backstabbing. (How could it possibly matter whether she said Trish's name? Does failing to mention someone's name, when the identity is obvious, give free license to slander?). I remember Karen on the ABC motion video looking utterly prissy, in her poised pageanty way, declaring with screwed-up face that Trish's t-shirt based sense of humor was, "just not right." I remember Karen upset at not landing a 1-on-1 date, and Trish as the only one physically comforting her (albeit not in a way that people here have commented would be "appropriate"). And I remember her propping up fellow sorority-girl Suzie's legs during the keg stand, not my vision of class. I wouldn't say that what is expressed about Karen is hatred. I think people find her behavior and attitude to be phony and unattractive.

Being "honest" with your opinions of other people has no comparison to being honest about yourself.

There is nothing wrong with pageant girls per se. But pageant girls learn, in a professional sense, how to hide their blemishes in a competitive arena. I'd rather see people warts-and-all, and I have more respect for those willing to reveal their own warts rather than simply pointing them out in other people.