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Thread: Karen

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    Yep, she's odd looking and that forced grin is distracting and a tad too "pageant" for my taste, BUT I have to say I think she has handled herself pretty darned well thus far. She's been nothing but classy in her actions (at least onscreen). At least she doesn't cheer, go on and on about how everyone else is better and more beautiful than her, or insult motherhood.

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    she looks like the poor man's Ione Skye http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001746/

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    KJC 13
    I think she actually is quite attractive in the picture above, but in most of them her chin looks like Mr. Ed's.

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    Gah! This one drives me around the bend! Besides having a FIVEhead, it looks as if she has had tons of silicone injected into her face! Freaky!!

    Also...the lil "innocent virgin princess" act makes me grind my teeth!! Even if she is that innocent, it's annoying imo. I wouldn't be able to be one of the other women in the house with her around.

    During the drinking game...
    "I have never drank before the age of 21....".. with her whispery "I'm as pure as the driven snow" voice..

    (wish there was a smiley that was ripping it's hair out)
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    I really like her look. She just seems very happy and upity.

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    Crystal Allen
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    aren't supposed to drink when they're older then 21, either.

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    Utah native says 'Bachelor' a party


    Utah native says 'Bachelor' a party

    But she isn't telling outcome of the TV show
    By Laura Warner
    Deseret Morning News

    PLEASANT GROVE There's a new couch in the Lindsay home that has people talking.

    While the sofa is nothing special, neighbors continue to inquire about its sudden appearance who bought it and with what money?

    The answer, however, is kept behind the tight lips of Margie Lindsay, who is the mother of Karen Lindsay the woman NFL star Jesse Palmer almost didn't give a rose to on the first episode of ABC's latest installment of "The Bachelor."

    "I just can't say anything," Margie Lindsay explains. "Karen's not supposed to tell very much or she'll be fined 5 million dollars. She's only told us a few things."

    Despite that inside scoop, the Lindsays are glued to their television each Wednesday night to see what happens to their daughter on the popular reality show in which 25 women vie for the affections of the New York Giants backup quarterback, who eliminates contestants during a weekly rose ceremony.

    Claw marks on the Lindsays' couch are remnants of the first episode, in which Palmer accidentally gave Karen's rose to fellow contestant Katie, before admitting that he had simply forgotten Karen's name. He has since made up for the error Karen is one of the remaining six women.

    Though each woman seems pitted against the others, Karen Lindsay told the Deseret Morning News that clever editing and stereotyping hides the friendships that nearly all of the women except "bad girl" Trish have forged with each other. For that reason, Lindsay calls the show "anything but real."

    "Since there are no actors, they have to make up characters for each of us," Lindsay said. "But I didn't feel like I was on a TV show. It felt like I was on a massive vacation to a mansion that happens to be a sorority house."

    As a result, she had the "best time of her life" making the show and even spent some quality time with Palmer, though the majority never made it on air because he has a "potty mouth," Lindsay said.

    "Jesse is an awesome person, super nice and very sincere," she said. "He's not your typical jock. He's very well-rounded, but he was very much a 25-year-old football player."

    Catching Palmer's eye didn't take much effort for Lindsay, who was crowned Miss Rhode Island in 1999.

    She still lives in the small Eastern state, where she works as a pharmaceutical sales representative, but frequently visits her family in Pleasant Grove, where she graduated from high school. A scholarship opportunity led her to Rhode Island and eventually to an open casting call for "The Bachelor" that was held in Providence.

    "I had a good feeling about it. I knew it would be a crazy adventure," said Lindsay, who recently realized her new fame when someone stuck a camera into a bathroom stall to snap a picture of her.

    While the attention can be "very intrusive," Lindsay said she isn't ruling out a future career in television or film. Lindsay said she and three other contestants are talking about moving to California together.

    Meanwhile, Palmer will be asked on this Wednesday's episode to whittle the playing field down to four women by going on one-on-one dates with the contestants.

    Though Lindsay admitted that she "didn't click on a romantic level" with Palmer, she wouldn't reveal the final outcome.

    And whatever happens, Margie Lindsay isn't concerned.

    "It's good exposure, and the opportunity that it might present are great," she said. "Because I'm the mom, I think she's the most adorable."

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    Good. Karen didn't win after all. The article is pretty obvious!

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    I didn't realize Karen was Mormon? Or, is that just based on her coming from Utah? Although Utah has a large LDS/Mormon population, not everyone belongs to the church. But, if she IS LDS - then the whole "innocent virgin princess" thing is probably 100% real.

    I LIKE Karen - last week when she was wearing the goggles and holding up the caulking tubes, saying "I got it covered", then opening the door to Jesse that way - The woman has a terrific sense of humor.

    And, the tactful, gracious way that she describes Jesse the horn-dog is PRICELESS! IMO Karen has the "class and sophitication" that Trish thinks SHE has.
    No one should have to dance backwards for all of their life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berries
    Her mouth is WAY too BIG , and her eyes are too close together.....

    exactly!!! I think she's all right though. Maybe she photographs weird

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