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Thread: Jessica B

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    Jessica B had a nose job?!?

    Did anyone else catch the Bachelor Jesse/Jessica update in Star Magazine with Anna Nicole on the cover? They had a picture of Jessica B from her high school days. Her nose looked totally different! :phhht Does anyone have the magazine and could scan the picture?!?

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    Trish Trash

    Trish Trash

    Trish Trash: If you believe the cover of this week's Us Weekly, Jesse and Jessica are "already in trouble." According to the mag, "He's a flirt. She puts her career first. With no ring in sight, are they falling in love or falling apart?" But cruise over to In Touch, and you'll see they're planning a "dream wedding." The tabloid reports: "Jessica wants a Cinderella ceremony. Jesse's thrilled! The new couple reveals their plans for the future."

    So, who can you believe? Neither, my sources say. It turns out, J&J are still together, but they're living on separate coasts and taking it "one day at a time." (It's hardly a cover story, unless it means that Trish is getting involved.)

    Far more interesting is the dish I hear on Jessica: A source close to the show tells me she refused to participate in the "After the Final Rose" ceremony if Trish was going to be there. Apparently, she wasn't too happy about all the attention paid to the money-grubbin' hellcat. After weeks of coaxing by producers, she changed her mind at the last moment and agreed to take part.

    Though, really, I'm guessing no reality star in her right mind would have given up the chance to come back for her 15th minute.

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    Blob isn't the only one to date a soap star. Jessica Bowlin is dating Eric Winter from Days of Our Lives.


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    was wondering if anyone can send me a pic of the dress Jessica B wore on the final rose ceremony episode? i wanting that same dress for my wedding.

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