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Thread: Trish

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    Trish was ugly, I can't believe she is a Model!

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    Just found an old pic of me and a couple of friends with Trish, back when we were friends- I don't have a scanner, but I'll try to get a friend to scan it and e-mail to me so I can post it. (By the way, I am still close with everyone in the pic EXCEPT Trish.) Not that anyone really cares, I just thought you'd get a laugh.
    Go Tigers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damien View Post
    The way Trish was treated by the other girls was an excellent example of how bitchy women can get when one in the group does not conform. The true reason they hated her was that she didn't pretend to be a sweet and innocent virgin like the rest of them.
    Substitute "Moana" for "Trish" and nothing has really changed for that standard Fleiss character.

    Do post the picture, snoopy - I'd love to see it.

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