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Thread: possible spoiler - final two guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    it wouldn't surprise me at all if trish is in final 2. i think jesse is attracted to her and wants her right now, and isn't thinking of having a future with her. i think that's fine since i don't think a 25 year old should be considering marriage.... especially not one like jesse.

    I kinda see him as an a guy not ready for any kind of commitment. Because he's supposedly tired of bedding strangers and all of a sudden, he wants to be all serious. And just in case he cheats, she wont know because shell be "Into her own thing" and what not. Oy!!!!!! What a dud.

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    I "feel" Trish won't go past final 6. I think final 4 will be Karen, Mandy J, Tara and Jess B. Not sure how the final 3 will play out... I need more interaction between Jess and the gals. Trish has 2 more dates ahead, and I think that will be it for her.

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