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Thread: 4/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 1am**

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    Thats because the boyfriend was/ is more dishy than Jesse.

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    averagejane - BamaFabulous is correct about those boots...but they are totally out of style now. People have been wearing them for a few years in LA. I bought a pair last year for a camping trip in Joshua Tree. But thank god they ended up with a hole in them (although this is not typical - they are good quality), so that I could return them. Before you buy a pair, be warned, the sheepskin will stain your feet/socks if you buy the black or colored ones, they totally make your feet stinky and sweaty, and they only look cute if you are stick thin. If you are not rail thin, they just make you look like you have fat, stumpy legs. A better pair to get are the vegan (non-leather) ones - they are way cheaper, not back-ordered, and when you realize that it was a ridiculous purchase, you wouldn't have wasted a lot of money on them.

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    Thanks for the link noether! AnneCatherine looks gorgeous in those pictures.

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    Someone posted that they thought Jesse wanted a "trophy" wife. If he does I don't think Trish (cellulite ass) is much of a trophy, maybe a third place trophy I see prettier women every day, I think she looks like Celine Dion's slightly prettier sister. By the way I thought her Christoph hairdo was UGLY!!! Okay, I am getting off my soapbox now

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    On the AOL Morning After Video, Mandy C. said that she and Jesse had lots of one on one time and she thought he was a "cool guy". He said that Mandy was skeptical about his reasons for being there and it wasn't a wall he wanted to take time to tear down since he was moving ahead with some of the others.

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