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Thread: Rejecting Roses

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    Rejecting Roses

    I have heard the rumor that a few of the girls reject a rose from Jesse. I wonder what everyone's thoughts are about this. There is certainly nothing wrong with rejecting a rose. I just wonder why - of course, not feeling anything for him is one thing, but I am thinking that finding out there is a spy among them who is reporting their words and actions to Jesse might cause some to decide they don't want to be a part of it all.

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    I think Mandy C rejects one... I feel like she will be the first person to reject one who we feel we have gotten to know a little bit- but truth is we really only know her more than that girl who left Andrew, because of the whole soccer thing, so we have been able to read up on her.
    By the way this is just a hunch- she's not in many (any) screencaps, and it seemed like Jesse really liked her in the first ep. but you never know...

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    Is this really true, though? I read somewhere around here (I think) that the rumor was that it was supposed to happen at the first rose ceremony. Which, of course was last week. Does anyone know more?

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    where did u hear it from? u mean for tonight's show? well, how do we know that these girls are there only to find a 'date'? maybe they want tv exposure.... ??

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