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Thread: Former Bachelorette and a little sister in Miss USA 2004

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    And just for the record, the views expressed by Miss Oklahoma last night do not represent our country-a$$ state.

    I never watch these pageants but I found myself really getting into not wanting her to win!

    What a horrible speaker! Also, it looked like she was never in a pageant in her life. She stood all awkwardly and things.

    But oh man, those answers!

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    No wonder she looked so fermiliar! Thanks for the info!

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    Christies sister is really pretty. I didn't recognize the Utah girl till I looked her up here. Wow she looks good I guess.

    And oh wow to Miss Ok, I thought she looked so pretty and beautiful eyes then when she opened her mouth I thought oh yea this is the Miss USA not Miss America smarts don't matter as much. Poor girl how did she win her state? Surely she has pagent directors to help her answer questions.

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    It's almost surreal ...are we going to see Kimberly in a future Bachelor?

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    Here's Miss Oklahoma's page:

    What really cracks me up--take a look at Miss Texas' page:

    Do these girls buy in bulk at Tiaras 'R' Us? Geez, you would think they would have at least called each other or something! :rolleyes
    If I'd been a ranch, they would have named me The Bar None~~ Gilda

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