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Thread: who is everyone favorite ?

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    Trish is either nutty (i.e. not very self aware) or very smart. I can't help but think that this "gold digger" act is just that --- an "act" so she will be a featured player on B5. Will be good for her modeling career if she doesn't get the guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    my faves so far are anne catherine (french canadian) and the soccer player. however, i have a feeling anne c doesn't last too long.
    I'm rooting for Anne-Catherine as well...I'm hoping that the shots of the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City in the previews weren't meant just to throw us off (it would be great if AC made it to the final four hometown dates).

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    i just think she's soooo cool looking. i don't care for her official pic, but love her look on the show. great sleepy eyes. i hope she's around for awhile, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shubie127
    Who the heck is Christine?
    Oops - I'm bad!! I meant Anne Catherine. There is no edit key so I couldn't change it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psucashcow
    I think the one who made the gator comment was one of the Jessicas...
    You're right, it's JesseD. She's in 2nd place.

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    Tara or Anne Catherine....

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    Tara is the prettiest.
    Trish is the bitchiest.
    Jean Marie is trailer trash.
    Jessica D pis*ed Jesse with the gator salute.
    Ann Catherine has a Canadian/French thing going, which will wear out in a couple weeks.
    Christy (med student) looks too plain and is too bright for athelete types.
    The only person who is compatible (in terms of career, aspirations, athleticism, etc.) is Mandy C (soccer player). I hope Jesse sees it, unless he wants to follow the illustrous line of break-up bachelors: Alex, Aaron, Andrew, and Bob.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adm
    When everyone is saying who their "favorite" is, are you saying that's who you actually hope gets picked by Jesse and then made a fool of, or are you saying that's just your favorite person -- someone you'd like to set your brother up with or something?
    When I say favourite (note Canadian spelling) I'm saying who I like the best, who I would pick if I was making the choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurferBlonde
    Jessica D pis*ed Jesse with the gator salute.
    I don't think JesseD pissed off Jesse with the gator salute, I think it surprised him. I know she thinks she blew it and was quite surprised when he offered her a Rose, but most women don't understand why guys like insulting their buds and being insulted by their buds. It's a guy thing. It's unusual to run into a women who can give back as good as she gets, particularily when first meeting them on a Reality TV show where 40% of the women are going to be sent home in a couple of hours...

    He teased her, she teased him back. It's one of the things I really like about her. Mandy C get's points for the glass-clinking joke too.

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