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Thread: Did Jesse really make a "mistake" at the rose ceremony?

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    Donald Chump
    I think the "wrong rose" girl may have been in on the scheme (without knowing about the mole). They may have pulled her aside before the ceremony and told her that she is getting a rose, but he's going to pretend to forget a name. She took it too pleasantly, and I'm surprised that she would have chosen to stay after knowing she got the rose as a result of a mix-up and the fact that her choosing to stay could deprive another girl of the chance (she wouldn't have known about the 16th rose).

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    Quote Originally Posted by anya123
    I agree it did seem kinda staged. Infact Jesse seemed kinda calm when katie walked up there. Wouldn't as a spur of the moment type thing he would say "No, No- Not you. I meant to call karen" Instead katie walked up to him,gave her the rose and still asked if she would accept the rose and calmly called the host,to say he made a mistake. He made no strange face gesture. Something seems fishy!
    I disagree. I saw the show Weds and watched the rose ceremony again last night on the repeat. He was looking at the gitl he intended to have the rose, but said the wrong name....as soon as (Kristi..? ...I forgot her name) walked towards him he had a strange look on his face.

    I don't think the 15/16 made a difference - they could have easily changed the rukles and told everyone they were giving out 16 roses.

    On the other hand someone might wonder why they had a 16th rose, but that could easily be explained that they had plenty of roses in stock.

    The one thing that I did notice was that Chris didn't seem to have much of a reaction at all.

    One thing for sure, if I was the one girl and knew he made a mistake, he essentially told her he didn't mean to choose her, I'd give the rose back.. Forget about "getting to know me further" to see how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justvisiting
    The one thing that I did notice was that Chris didn't seem to have much of a reaction at all..
    I thought the reaction of all the girls when he walked out of the room was strange. I mean, at that point they all knew that all the roses were given out. The girls that didn't get one knew they were going home, right? But when Jesse walked out of the room - they all just stood there with their beauty queen smiles. When he came back, they all had this look of anticipation (as if he was still able to choose them)....this look was especially apparent on Karen. Then when he explained and got another rose...not a single girl reacted to it. I would think they would have either "mumbled to each other" or giggled/looked shocked or something. I didn't see any reaction at all.
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    Did Jesse really make a "mistake" at the rose ceremony?

    I was thinking about this, "mistake," made by Jesse when he called out the wrong name, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was planned out by ABC all along. I just started thinking that when the girls found out about the spy, they would be legitimately upset that a rightful spot in the final 15 was taken by someone who wasn't even eligible. I think this "mistake" was ABC's way of still making sure that 15 available girls still got the chance to venture on with Jesse. ABC by contract has to make sure that 15 attainable girls advance. I also wouldn't be surprised if Jesse didn't like the thought that he actually got to pick one less girl than all the other bachelors did.

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    Danger Bunny
    I don't think it was planned...
    Something I noticed on rewatching. As Jesse calls out each name there is a camera on that woman. Since they don't have 25 cameras they must have a list of the names he's going to call and the order he's going to call them in. In fact I don't doubt that he gives them (the show's producers) the list of names and they reorder them so that the women can't read anything into the order. Karen was probably at the top of his list which is why he was so upset that he called the wrong name. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he says the first couple of names then an assistant gives him the next couple of names, etc.

    Anyway, when he calls out Katie they don't have a camera on her, they have to go to a wide shot that zooms in on her. That could just be the producers being very good, but considering how well they've handled the secrecy of who the mole is I don't buy it. When thinking about this remember, when this is edited together it looks live, but all the in-cutting and the rest of it can all be filmed out of order. A close up of one of the women just before the last rose is given out could have been filmed before the first rose was given out. In fact the shot of Jesse sucking on his upper lip and looking agitated (just after giving the rose to Katie) could have happened at any time, it may have been shot while he waiting for a grip to fix a light for all we know. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that the Rose Ceremony which took ten minutes on screen to watch, took two hours to film. You can't read anything into how long anything seemed to take unless it's in a single cut.

    When filming a regular TV show or movie it's quite common for two sides of a conversation to be filmed hours or even days apart.

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    Well I think they tried to get the mole out, it's FUN for us to try and search and have all these theories adn try to prove who is who. I'm sure they realized how great their montage for Mere's finale was and how much of an interest it blazed; so they made an even longer one for these spoiler pics, and decided to try and release little clues for the mole as well. The producers are waaay better than we give them credit for. I think the producers were being "good" as you put it, and did all of this on purpose. I just don't buy how since this never happened before, even to Blob, but happened to Jesse.
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    The whole thing was scripted for Jesse. They needed a "dramatic moment" and Katie was the designated victim. Also, Jesse needed 15 real choices, since one girl is the spy. There's no way this wouldn't have happened before if the "star" had to actually remember all the first 15 names. No way, imo.

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    Chris was waaaay tooo calm and cool for this to have been an actual mistake. If it had been a real mistake Chris wouldn't have kept asking Jesse what he wanted to do. He would have gotten producers involved immediately.

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    Crystal Allen
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    They tell the producers who they've picked

    At least one prior Bachelor/ette has said in an interview that they have to tell the producers who they've chosen prior to the RC so that the camera crew knows how to film properly. Therefore, i think this had to be a genuine mistake that was kept on the show just for dramatic effect. Also, remember from Blobbo's series, there was an outake/flub where the rose falls off the stem and he jokes "will you accept this stem?" and everyone laughs? That clearly demonstrated that there have to be a couple of extra backup roses just in case something happens to one of them, so it is no big deal that there was another rose for Chris to give Jesse.

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    I just think it's a matter of having a number stuck in your head (and he lost track on the counts). His best friend had to remind him that he only had 24 girls to choose from and not 25. So, when he's giving out 15 roses, he automatically forgets he is one short for his mole friend.
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