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Thread: New York Giants Not Happy With Jesse

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    New York Giants Not Happy With Jesse


    April 9, 2004 --
    NEW York Giants general manger Ernie Accorsi slammed backup quarterback Jesse Palmer yesterday for starring on the latest season of ABC's reality-dating show "The Bachelor."

    "I would have been much happier if he was studying tape the last six weeks instead of getting involved with this thing," Accorsi said on Sporting News Radio network. "All I have seen are the commercials, and that's all I'm going to see."- Don Kaplan

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    FORT Regular KayDee's Avatar
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    Does this guy not realize the free publicity that team is receiving? He'll be changing his mind once the season starts and there are many new fans.

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    With the seasons they have apparently been having ( I know 0 about football, but those who follow it have informed me) Anything that gets butts in the seats should make them happy.
    That's why so many people hire publicists

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    I know nothing about football or those involved in the spectacle, but it could be the GM is just trying to add a little more fuel to the publicity fire and make it all a little more "dramatic".

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    Crystal Allen
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    Sounds like publicity to me..

    i would find it hard to imagine that the team would just let Jesse do something like this, mention the NY Giants, have a couple of his teamates on, and then suddenly have the team's General Manager come out and say that he does not like that Jesse did the show. Does anyone else think the Giants would have something in their contract that says Jesse would have to clear this sort of thing with the organization prior to doing it? At any rate, i'm certain they would have heard about it and put a stop to it prior to taping if they were opposed to it.

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    Anemic Dog
    In one of the promo shots, you can see Jesse holding a batch of roses in a New York Giants helmet (though the jersey he wears is a generic one of the same color). They could not use that helmet without the Giants' permission.

    That would be a major trademark violation, and ABC would be well aware of it. In fact, in some of the shots they've used of Jesse playing for the Florida Gators, you'll notice that the Gator logo is fuzzed out on Jesse's helmet. Which means The University of Florida did not grant ABC permission to use the shot.

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    I don't know the GM of the Giants but it seems to me as though he's the only one having the problem. He's not the owner of the team and probably didn't get a lot to say about whether Jesse did the show or not.

    I could be wrong but it seems like the rest or part of his team is supportive or the 3 players that were on wouldn't have been. Sure the GM can say he'd rather he spent the time reading a play book, but he doesn't control that no matter if you're on The Bachelor or if you're sitting at home not reading the playbook. All that matters is that Jesse shows up to do his job when the training camps start.

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    The offer for the show came through his agent originally. The agent would have probably cleared all of that up before he even passed the offer to Jesse. From the look of Jesse's FB record, the GM isn't far off

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    Anemic Dog
    As someone who analyzes football for a living, I don't agree with that assessment of his record. And neither do the Giants, fortunately for Jesse. You don't tender someone at $630k who can't play the game.

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    Uhh..well, as an avid football fan... I think he should be studying!

    The GM can bitch all he wants, it's Jesse's choice to do the show or not. Unless, of course in his signed contract there's some stipulation about doing (or not being able to do) commercials/shows/sitcoms/movies/reality dating shows.
    Bet there will be next year!!!
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