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Thread: New York Giants Not Happy With Jesse

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    Well Jesse had a full football scholarship , and with my recent interactions with the Gators , they are very passionate about their team. They wouldn't have let him on the field with no talent.

    I bow to the football experts on his record though , as it's not my game. My Fort buddies have been kind enough to enlighten me. I don't understand games not played on ice.

    He said in an interview he didn't play hockey because he was too little. I was kind of WTF? Football players aren't tiny.

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    Thanks Eny! ROFL

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    You guys think Jesse can't play? He's probably the best football player to even come out of Canada, athletic scholarship to UF, starter and played very impressively there. Not to mention doing a solid job as the Giants starter when Kerry Collins got hurt. Some scouts feel that he'll never amount to much because he doesn't have the best physical skills however I was quite impressed with his play, and the Giants are impressed enough to give him that 640k tender. He'll probably never be a starter because of his poor measurables but should be a reliable backup in the NFL until he's in his early thirties.

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    This forum is gonna get way too big if people continue to post every single article from Sirlinksalot. There is a link to sirlinksalot at the top of the page, if anyone doesn't know what that is, it's a link to the latest newspaper, magazine, tv, etc. interviews/comments/reports/ about the cast of The Bachelor (and many other reality shows). We're already having space issues, no need to post articles we can read by clicking the link at the top of the page. I'm just sayin....
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    Quote Originally Posted by SlantNGo
    You guys think Jesse can't play? He's probably the best football player to even come out of Canada
    you aren't doing Canada any favours here sonny

    and *coughDougFlutiecough*
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    But, Doug Flutie isn't from Canada, he just played there. He's from Natick, Massachusetts, and went to Boston College.

    I do, however, find it difficult to believe that any member of the Jints staff is just recently finding out how Jesse spent his vacation. Guess this guy just waits to read their essays .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anemic Dog
    That would be a major trademark violation, and ABC would be well aware of it. In fact, in some of the shots they've used of Jesse playing for the Florida Gators, you'll notice that the Gator logo is fuzzed out on Jesse's helmet. Which means The University of Florida did not grant ABC permission to use the shot.
    That's more of an NCAA issue than Univ. of Florida issue- I believe that NCAA athletes/teams aren't allowed to be seen in commercials for anything, or any unauthorized broadcast. The Bachelor is a show, but there is also a lot of product placement in it, so I can see how they wouldn't be able to use NCAA photos.

    Secondly- the Giants don't have any problems filling their seats, I believe that there is quite a waiting list for season tickets to Giants games,- type of thing where season tickets are handed down from generation to generation etc. Giants don't need to be getting publicity from their back-up QB who mainly just holds a clipboard, and lost the 3 times he did get on the field.

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    I meant publicity for the show, not the Giants

    Also, notice how Julie never says what team she cheers for [although one of the killer detectives on this board found it was the 49'ers], so it's possible that organization would not allow it. Mary from Blobbo's season said she'd cheered for the TB Bucaneers, and Trista was constantly called a "Miami Heat Dancer."

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    Come to think of it, wouldn't Jesse's Giants contract have prohibited him from engaging in activities like snow tubing, etc? I thought athletes were never allowed to do that stuff.

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    You should ask Aaron Boone about that. Seriously, I doubt snowtubing is one of the prohibited activities. Skiing and snowboarding almost certainly are prohibited.

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