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Thread: ABC Motion Videos

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    Mandy's Video Diary 5/14

    Mandy's mascara never runs, her eyes aren't puffy and her
    nose never gets red
    the entire time! She's goood!

    I don't know what happened. I think that, it's just like Jesse said, he's falling in love with someone else. I would hope that, if I were in his position, I wouldn't keep someone around if I wasn't falling in love with them. I respect the fact that he let me leave right now. I was definitely falling for him. My feelings could only get stronger from here.

    It definitely hurts to have feelings for someone that doesn't have those feelings back. It's been my concern through this entire process, that I would fall for Jesse and he not fall for me. I knew what I was getting myself into when I came into this. I knew I had the potential of falling in love with him. I knew there was a slim chance I would be the person he picked in the end.

    I think Jesse might have been concerned that....(pause)....I'm not sincere....(pause)....He feels that way. That's a big issue [for him]. I think that you need to feel comfortable with the person you're in love with. I'm not sure he felt comfortable with my feelings for him.

    I think I could have married Jesse Palmer. (big Crest Whitestrip smile here) He's a great catch. I wouldn't have still been here if I didn't think I could have married him. As we can see, it's not my choice. So disappointing to know that she doesn't get the opportunity to crash Jesse's family visit and the final RC like the producers allowed Trish to do!

    The best part, if there is a best part right now, is that he has two amazing women still in there with him. I can honestly say that either on of them would make the right person for him.

    She sounds ready to be the next Bachelorette and be on the other side of the coin. Have I ever mentioned how much I detest recycled participants?
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    thanks again, RCM.
    Smile it makes people wonder what you are up to.

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