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Thread: The Final 15 + 1

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    The Final 15 + 1

    Kristin K - 23, Medical Student, who currently resides in her hometown of Dearborn, MI
    Anne Catherine - 27, Stylist, originally from Quebec City, Canada. Currently resides in Beauport, Quebec, Canada
    Mandy C - 25, Professional Soccer Player, who currently resides in her hometown of San Diego, CA
    Mandy J - 26, Interior Designer, originally from Midland, TX. Currently resides in Austin, TX

    Celeste 24, Production Associate, originally from Ithaca, NY.Currently resides in Los Angeles
    Jessica H - 25, Attorney, originally from Pearsale, TX. Currently resides in San Antonio, TX
    Jenny Shiralli nee Jenny De Loach married to Nick Schiralli Jesse's former roommate at university of Florida
    Amber - 27, Consultant, originally from Sunriver, OR. Currently resides in San Francisco, CA
    Tara - General Contractor, originally from Shawnee, OK. Currently resides in Norman, OK
    Trish - Trish, 28, Model, originally from Atlanta, GA, who currently resides in Pompano Beach, FL
    Jean Marie - 26, Hair Stylist, originally from Gibson, NC, Currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA
    Jessica B - 22, Law Student, who currently resides in her hometown of Huntington Beach, CA
    Julie - 24, NFL Cheerleader, who currently resides in her hometown of Sacramento, CA
    Suzie - 23, Prosthetic Technician,from Dearborn, MI. Currently resides in Warren, MI
    Katie - 22, LASIK Eye Consultant, originally from Scottsdale, AZ, Currently resides in Cornelius, NC
    Karen - 28, in Pharmaceutical Sales, originally from Pleasant Grove, UT. Currently resides in Providence, RI

    Well as always there has to be a Pharmaceutical Sales person. It's like they recruit them there along with trying to score trial bottles of Viagra.
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    Thanks for this Eny!! I was not looking forward to opening the huge Jesse's girls thread
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Blondes seems to be winning with Jesse, 9 of them are blonde. I think he has a great group of women.

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    This is my first time watching the Bachelor and I'm hooked by last night's episode.

    But I have to say that I'm quite surprised by some of Jesse's choices. True, many of them are blondes, but I've a feeling that some brunettes might go a long way, especially Mandy C, and Trish.

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    This is my first time on this board. I don't really have anything to say, but I wanted to test the reply post out....anyway, I like Mandy C. I hope that she goes all the way.

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    Suzie scares me....big teeth, and those freakishly intense eyes...
    Karen...same thing as Suzie
    Katie looks like she's on a valium high most of the time (and she got the First Ever Pity Rose).

    The rest - well, it's too soon for scathing remarks :-)

    This too shall change in time...

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    what color dress was Jenny S. wearing? I didn't even notice her.

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    Here's something funny about Jenny the spy - she was my son's swim teacher over the winter here in Chapel Hill NC (her ABC bio hometown - Carrboro - is adjacent). She is an absolute doll! She told us she was going on a "trip" for a few weeks and we'd have a substitute for the swim class. I joked - "are you going to be on a reality show?" - expecting to see her on couples fear factor or something. She laughed and said "something like that". We aren't in the current session so I have not seen her! I had been waiting to see where she ended up on TV. I wasn't going to watch the show - and didn't see it last night - because I am still so mad about the editing of B'ette2 - but now I will!! My estimation of Jesse just went up!

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    Lost Cause
    A first time poster although a very long time lurker. Whenever I was having a bad day I would turn to FORT to make me laugh.

    I've been watching Bach/Bachlorette from the beginning. Hated Aaron, Blob and Trista but loved Andrew and Meredith and for the record, I think Jesse is hot, hot, hot and it's not because I'm from Canada.

    Anyways, nothing really deep and meaningful to post as yet but I do like Mandy C and hope she's 'the one'. She seems to be the only real person while the others all look the same...blonde, botox, bikini babes. Not an original in the bunch IMHO.

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