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Thread: Would you have stayed?

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    Would you have stayed?

    You are in the midst of the rose ceremony. Fourteen roses have been given out, and thanks to Chris, you know that only one remains! You look across at that gorgeous hunk-o-husband-material, praying he will choose you, and magically he calls your name. Your heart soars! Ten minutes later, Hot Stuff explains that he did not really want you. Oh, he feels bad to hurt your feelings, but if you and fifteen other women all fell off the end of a a pier, he'd save you last. If you all went on a super-stretch limo date and there were only 16 seats in back, you'd have to ride up front with the driver. In fact, he thinks you're a loser! Now all of America is watching, including you ex-boyfriend and the cheerleaders who used to make fun of you outside the girl's bathroom. Suddenly you realize why the camera guy has been discretely in your face, while ignoring all the other skanks--er, women--for the last ten minutes. Mr. Football even wants the pageant chick over you! You have exactly three seconds to recover from the humiliation and dashing of you hopes and make a decision. Are you going to take that pity rose or :phhht tell him where to stuff it?

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    FORT Regular charmedimsure's Avatar
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    Now that you put it that way, TELL HIM WHERE TO SHOVE IT!

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    Sugar coated with a bite lemon_drop's Avatar
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    There's no way I would have stayed... nuh uh, no sir'ee bob! Besides being terribly humiliated on national tv, who'd want to stay and take the pity rose, pushing yourself on someone who didn't want you there in the first place.

    I'd have walked back up, snapped the rose in two, and handed it back.
    "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past once more?"

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    Crystal Allen
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    I would have walked. He as much as said "I did not want to give you a rose" so why would she want to be there with somebody that was not interested in her? He did not have to do it that way, he could easily have just said there would be one additional rose.

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    I'm with you lemon. I would have given him the damn rose back and said hasta la vista baby, your loss.

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    ITA! She seemed so incredibly vulnerable and weak when she said "I guess I'll stay, thank you." Almost as if wallowing in appreciation "Oh thank you so much for choosing me and giving me this opportunity to be with you." I would have said "Thanks, but no thanks." Have some confidence! How desperate.

    That girl has major issues.

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    I'm the other LemonDrop. I got my name without realizing there was another Lemon Drop here. *so sorry* (it's like showing up at a par-tee wearing the same glam dress!)

    And here I am agreeing with what Lemon Drop said! I wouldn't have stayed either. No way!

    BUT...we're not her. We also don't know her. Who knows??? Maybe she has more mettle than we do! He may very well take a second look at her. He said he likes confident women. Who knows? Men are weird. My man said that would get his attention at least once more. Hmmm.

    Still- there's no way I would have stayed. I would have kept my dignity, plucked a petal off and said, "he picks me not!" HA!

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    No way in hell I would have stayed there.

    Remember B4 when Antoinette got sick and she was tagged onto another date and all that Sherri(?) who ever :rolleyes chick kept saying was ..oh it's not fair, it's so not fair.
    She is going to have a hard time in the house - the other women won't befriend her and the atmosphere is already electrically charged bleah
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Oh, I would have stayed. Not for Jesse, but just to have some fun for a few more days! Let's see...I flew out to CA to go on a show and I have a choice...go home now or stay for at least a few more days and live off of ABC's dime. I'd totally stay. Worst case scenario...you get no attention from Jesse, but get to go on a fun date, live in a fun house, get a few more minutes of camera time, and get to know some nice girls. Best case scenario...Jesse takes a second look at you and actually makes a connection! As Chris said, maybe things DO happen for a reason!

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    I don't know if I would've stayed or not, but I have a huge amount of respect for Katie for staying. This was handled so extremely bad by the people at The Bachelor that she deserves to stay just because they humiliated her on national TV.

    They could've just kept their mouths shut, gotten another rose (which they magically made appear for Karen anyhow) and let him send her home next week. Instead because drama = ratings, they let this play out on TV so the entire viewing audience would know he never wanted her. That's so shabby imo. Like getting picked isn't enough, they had to embarrass her by telling her she was picked incorrectly.

    And personally I think if he lets her go the very next week, he's an ass. It just could've been handled so much better.

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