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Thread: Would you have stayed?

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    Pandora's Box
    No way I would have stayed. The entire situation was handled wrong. I agree they should have just come up with another rose rather than humiliate her but it sure made for good TV. When she said she would stay (accept the pity rose) I was embarrassed and ashamed for her. Have a little pride for Pete's sake.

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    No way I would not have stayed and I can not see what he
    sees in Karen! :phhht Maybe just the red dress or what there
    was of the red dress ! :rolleyes

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    Watch guys. Given a chance, and knowing she's in 16th place out of 15, she'll come up with some way to impress him and stick around for a couple of shows. Then she'll be the focus of all the previews for next week as well.

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    No way would I have stayed either. If he can't even remember my name then no point in wasting my time.

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    It would have been so much classier to just say he'd been given an extra rose.
    Then I guess Karen would think she was an after-thought.
    Lose/lose situation really.
    I think telling Katie he made a mistake was wrong though.

    I would like to think I would have left if I were Katie.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I might have stayed since it is hard to get to know anything about someone except the most superficial details in a single evening in a group setting. With more time, one could safely assume that one's personality might come through more and perhaps impress the object of interest.

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    ABC soooooo could have handled that situation better. My friends and I were all screaming at the TV "GET ANOTHER ROSE!!" He could have gone back in and said, I'm an idiot, I miscounted, I looked around the room and realized there was one girl I really wanted but hadn't called on. Anything but what he did. Impressed he had the balls to do it, but still was a moronic way to handle it.

    I thought Katie handled the situation with a lot of class. As soon as she found out the rose was a mistake, she started right back up with it. She could have cried or gotten all catty but instead she was like "tough break". I don't think she had a lot of time to think over the decision. I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in being picked or not picked the first night. I'm sure they all send home some winners and we know they have all kept some major losers that first night. So why not stay and as she said give him a chance to get to know her better. (Though I might have gotten pissed when I saw it was really Karen he wanted. Yuck! Geena Davis wanna be who when he said he liked her dress, she looked right at her breasts. She knew what she was selling with that outfit)

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    I would have stayed and thought of it as a vacation, and then cause as much chaos as possible, make stories up, threaten suicide, throw up on the couch, drink too much, fart etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    I guess as one of the lone guys on the Bachelor thread I should show some support to Jesse.

    But, if I was her I would've politely declined and then made my rounds on daytime t.v. and radio.
    *Wonders if that purply/blue dress would be such a good choice for the Speedster*
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    I'm thinking that perhaps Jesse's huge "mistake" was completely planned and was really part of the twist that put a spy in the mix.

    I'm guessing that this poor girl is probably really the spy, and by offering her the sympathy rose he gets to keep her around while still keeping the usual 15 through the first rose ceremony.

    It makes the most sense to me because not only can he keep the maximum number right off the bat but also it makes the other women have a bit of sympathy for what she just went through -- thus they won't be so quick to suspect that she is somebody who was snuck in there to spy on them.
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