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Thread: Would you have stayed?

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    Typical New York Giants play.... LOL

    I would have stayed and just enjoyed the whole situation I was in.

    No one will probably worry about me now because they think he doesnt want me so I can maybe sneak under a radar a little bit. The rest wont think of me as a threat.

    She is probale now America's favorite underdog to keep holding on.

    Now if she makes it past the second elimination, the girls might start taking notice of her again because they will know that Jesse sure did

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    Yeah, true. Now's her chance to make him see keeping her was a GOOD thing!
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    I guess as one of the lone guys on the Bachelor thread I should show some support to Jesse.

    The first thing I thought when this was going down was, "this guy has cojones made out of steel".

    I thought he was humble and sincere with his apology. Maybe the way he did this was not what some would have liked, but really, this is a show about him finding the girl. I applaud her for staying. That shows a lot of intestinal fortitude. Jesse was going on first impressions and obviously he didn't feel that spark with her as he did with the others (with exception to the mole). But, if I was her I would've politely declined and then made my rounds on daytime t.v. and radio.

    I'm actually open to giving this season a chance after what ABC has dragged us through the last few seasons of Bachelor. I say lets give him a chance before saying the old, "I told you so".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaaam
    Now she should get up whenever, not shower, be mouthy, do whatever...she could definitely relax more now.
    HA!! Definitely!!! That would really, really, reallllly be great if she did that! Honestly. Just wake up & keep that "rolled outta bed" hair, scratching ass, eating sloppily and flopping around the sofas!! What could anyone do?? Plus, she'd get her retribution (in a way) by showing that she doesn't care! Go around in the middle of the night..tossing water on girls sleeping... Ohhhh the ideas!! The show would SKYROCKET in ratings!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lemon_drop

    I'd have walked back up, snapped the rose in two, and handed it back.
    I'm with you on this one...maybe even squish it under my shoe and then give it back (maybe that's a little too far )

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    I can't say for certain if I would have stayed or not. Several of you have made great points about the heat of the moment decision and the circumstance in which Katie was in. Who knows if I were in that exact situation if I wouldn't have handled it the same way? However, I bet the show would get even better ratings if Katie managed to attract Jesse and he ended up keeping her and getting rid of the scary Karen person. Or...if the final two girls standing were Katie and Karen - wouldn't that be strange? For some reason I believe this situation happened for a reason - drama or whatever it might be. I'm looking forward to finding out what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    I thought he was humble and sincere with his apology. Maybe the way he did this was not what some would have liked, but really, this is a show about him finding the girl.
    I agree that he handled it as well as one could in such a situation. He didn't seem to want to skive off the responsibility of fixing his mistake -- we kept seeing him insisting that he had to fix it, and had to fix it himself.
    I don't blame him for making a mistake, but I do think the producers could have suggested a less embarrassing way to fix it if they'd wanted to, and I wouldn't blame the girl herself for being upset at the whole situation, nor would I have blamed her if she felt her self-respect required her to leave.
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    I totally agree that the whole situation was handled in extremely poor taste. That said, the man HAD to narrow the playing field to 15 according to SOP. He was just (God help him!) more attracted to Karen than Katie. Maybe he would have kept her if he only had to send 5 girls home..............?

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    I think it was all staged! First of b/c of the mole there would have been only 14 girls.. they had to choice an extra girl! that's just my 2 cents!

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    Katie is much much prettier than karen anyways and prettier than the majority of the girls he did pick.

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