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Thread: Why I Don't Like the Idea of a Mole

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdpch
    I agree with Six Degrees, for a related reason. Having a mole removes nearly all of the responsibility for Jesse to have to judge the personalities of these women for himself and make his own decisions.
    I disagree .. you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    I like having a spy.

    I get so frustrated on these shows when we see a woman being completely different (like a gold-digger, for example) away from the guy than when she is with him.

    If they're two-faced, they should be ratted out.

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    Crystal Allen
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    Yes, some girls are two faced but...

    the truth is, we all behave differently in different social environments. IMHO, when in a same sex group, both men and women will behave in way that they believe will enable them to fit in with the group, typically in a manner that exagerates masculine/feminine behaviour. i.e. Locker room talk is all about objectifying women, not because these same men don't love and respect their partners, but because they are typically trying to show off to the other guys and demonstrate their masculinity. I can see women going over the top in 'confessing' things or in feeling that they will gain more intimacy within the group by opening up too quickly regarding personal things. This can be a way for women to let other women know that they are trustworthy, and also might go a ways towards eliciting similar confessions from the other girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daisyterp
    I agree w/ chompstick...
    All of these women signed at least one release form that everything that was said could be on TV- the cameras aren't hidden in this show- the girls are just stupid if they are running their mouth about their pasts, etc. and thinking that any juicy scandalous bits will end up on the editing floor and not on the show.

    If you look on the website to apply to be on the show it has a whole legal release that people you know, family, friends, teachers etc could be contacted about your past etc., you have to turn over health records, get drug-tested etc.
    Basically you have to be open to everything in your life being on TV.
    THis is not the first Bachelor- all of these women knew what they were getting into.
    I'm with you on this one. In a "normal" situation (w/o cameras) having a mole would be really tacky. Then you would be saying things with at least a little bit of an expectation of privacy. In this situation, there are cameras everywhere and everyone knows it, so there is no expectation of privacy. He is just being told something the rest of us are seeing on TV and that he will see after the fact. If Trish is talking about how many guys she's slept with, she's bragging. If she wanted to keep it private, she wouldn't have brought it up.

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    I didn't even think about how eventually Jesse would see everything that the ladies said on the show... can you imagine?
    I think that the whole numbers/history thing is coming up because it looks from the previews that there is a group dinner date and Jesse talks about one night stands etc- contrasting that to what we think is Trish's vast experience.

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    I have loved the idea of a mole since they first did it for Meet My Folks a few years back . It was brilliant then and on Average Joe, and the same now. We are talking about a show where people get engaged and married. You want to know this stuff , especially how your intended treats other people. For real life you want to know whether they are lying to your face.

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    I think that the mole is a good idea in some aspects and some aspects not. I like the whole drama thing about girls lying and Jesse trying to figure it all out and never knowing... the fighting, etc... but I also think that this is a show to where he will POTENTIALLY marry whomever he chooses from the 25 (er, 24) girls... I think that we have a much higher probability of actually the wedding actually happening if there is a mole who can weed out the b*tches... I'm all about romanticism and I want this to work out... however, they cannot use a mole again for a few seasons b/c everyone will know!

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    they could do it again- they would just have to make sure the mole had her hair done, so she looked as primped as the rest of the girls...

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    I agree that it would be easier for him (as it would be easier for anyone) to have access to the private thoughts and behavior of each woman he's interested in. My point is...why make it so easy for him? He's already the one with all the advantages. Why not force him to be his own judge of character, to use his own intuition, and to create his own ways to extract information from each of the women about their opinions of each other? The mole will only help to make their intentions more obvious, and the show is already as unsubtle as you can get.

    I know others will disagree but I can't think of an example where a mole would have really made a positive difference to the outcome (Amanda, Helene, Ryan, Jen, Estella, and Ian all seem like decent choices who were at least there for the right reasons, whereas in some cases the bachelor/ette may not have been).

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    Who knows? This Jesse-Trish thing reminds me of Andrew-Kirsten thing from B3.
    Andrew knew everybody hated Kirsten and his friends told him that, but he was obsessed, until his brother dropped "BF Bill bomb" on him, with the help from producers.

    It seemed Trish did the same thing on Jesse. Will the mole do her job? That's what she is for. 35 guys is a serious number...much more serious than a BF, I would say.

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