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Thread: Is Jesse Really "Ready to Settle Down"?

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    Has Jesse made any believable stand at all about his goal for this is to find a wife? Why do they keep having guys posing as Bachelors who maybe want to get married down the road, but right now are just looking for a date? The whole premise of the show is that the goal is marriage. If they keep getting young playboys on here, why don't they just calling it "The Dater" or something equally appropriate? The whole idea of posing as a wife-seeker and then giving a promise ring so you can break up afterwards is really getting old.

    And with ABC using a 24-year-old male (professional athlete), it's unlikely he's ready to settle down. So, either that's true (He's NOT ready to settle down), or that's false (In which case, you think he'd be definitively stating he's there's for marriage.) Since we're not being hit on the head with that marriage message, I can only assume he's there simply for dating.

    Kinda making a joke of the premise of the show...

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    He is a 25 year old guy with a lot of growing up to do before settling down. I was very skeptical when we found out his age. My first reaction was - why are they getting someone so young to do this? Andrew and Aaron were both too young and they were a few years older than Jesse. But, I thought, maybe he is a mature 25 year old.

    Nah!! After watching the show - he is not mature for his age. He is young and ready for a hot new romance - not a commitment like marriage.

    At this point, the "Bachelor" is more of a "pick a date" show, and they should not push the guys to propose. Isn't it interesting that both Bachelorettes were in their 30's? So why are they picking such young guys for the Bachelor? It makes no sense.

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    Maybe they pick the young guys because it makes for better entertainment? I mean, no matter what their original intentions, the guys get looking at all the hot women after them and WHAMMO - they go into harem mode.
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