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Thread: Five most Potential girls

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    Five most Potential girls

    I know its just the first episode. But who are the five girls that you think have the most potential to be the one from what we have seen?

    My picks would be,
    Mandy C
    Ann Catherine
    Jessica B

    I didn't think Karen was attractive at all. But Jesse seemed to like her alot. I thought Jessica K was the very pretty, too bad she didn't make much connection with Jesse.

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    WHAT? Ann Catherine??

    I can't believe you think she has a chance! I have only one thing to say about her.

    "She's not only the president. She's also a client!"

    Here are my pics. (but I'm never really good at these things)

    Mandy C - because she's cool and athletic
    Trish - because he's already got the hots for her :phhht
    Katie- because she's the underdog now, and it would make a good story line
    Karen- because everyone has to root for a pagent girl sooner or later
    Mandy J - my wildcard. Just a hunch.

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    Wow -- I was surprised by the girls. A lot of the bio pictures make them look a lot more amazing than they really are. I think most of them are hit.
    Sidenote: I couldn't believe that Delores questioned why she was let go? AND -- why would you sit there and say "I want to marry a man with a lot of money so that I don't have to work." REAL SMART. These girls don't have it all there.

    I'm not sure I can come up with 5 but here are my tops:

    Mandy C

    ... please tell me, why did he pick

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    I didn't like Ann Catherine either, but from the preview, she seemed to go far, thats why I threw her in there. I would replace her with Kristy though. I thought Mandy C was great, everyone loved her. She is going to be the one who has great personality.

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    As usual, a lot of the girls looked way better than their photo...here's my early picks for five (only based on Jesse's interactions, not who I like):

    I thought Mandy C was adorable however, for some reason seemed very "stiff" around Jesse so I don't think she makes it very far-but what a cool chick!

    Mandy J
    Jessica B.
    A Bachelor fan til it dies a slow death and oddly enough, A Rock of Love fan...finest hair extensions from Europe and all. ;-)

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    Anne-Catherine will make it far...

    I think Anne-Catherine will make it very far. Why?

    I'm from Quebec, too. I noticed, in the end when they were showing the clips from this season's shows, that they are going to go to the Chateau Frontenac (in Quebec City), and at the ice sculptures in Qc City too.

    Therefore- this might mean that she sticks around at least until the hometown dates where he meets their families?! Unless they all go on a trip to Quebec City in the middle of winter just for the heck of it ... hehehe!

    If you have no idea what the Chateau Frontenac, just google (images.)

    Now go back and watch the last 2 minutes of the show, and you will clearly see it, no mistakin'.

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    Immedietly when Jesse pronouced Anne-Catherine's name all Frenchy I knew there was a spark. Like most I also see Mandy C. and Trish going far. But Trish will be gone around week 3 or even 2. I saw a lot of blondes in the previews. I really like Kristy, but I didnt see anything of her in the previews

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    Just as long as Jean Marie is gone soon, I'll be happy. She's a MAN!

    Rooting for both Mandy's, especially soccer Mandy.

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    Jean Marie bears a slight resemblance to Liz Hurley, in an uglier sort of way. Don't you think?

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    I think that Jesse seemed attracted to Mandy C, Mandy J, Kristy, Trish (Oh No!), Anne-Catherine, and Karen ? I really like Mandy C, but I don't see her in many of the screencaps. I'm still trying to figure out if Kristy is in there, but I definitely see Mandy J. and Trish :phhht (nuts!!) and Anne-Catherine. Never fails, I always root for the wrong one...and it's only the first week
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