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Thread: Five most Potential girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by psucashcow
    I think that Jesse seemed attracted to Mandy C, Mandy J, Kristy, Trish (Oh No!), Anne-Catherine, and Karen ? I really like Mandy C, but I don't see her in many of the screencaps. I'm still trying to figure out if Kristy is in there, but I definitely see Mandy J. and Trish :phhht (nuts!!) and Anne-Catherine. Never fails, I always root for the wrong one...and it's only the first week

    I am worried about not seeing much of Mandy C too in clips. But, I think they try to give us a hint the first episode, and I think his conversation with Mandy C was a hint, he told her he was attracted to her right when she got out of the limo. The heart thing with Bob and Estella gave it away in my eyes, from then on I thought Estella was the one. I can see a final with Trish and Mandy C. If Trish makes it that far, sorry to say, the mole didn't do her job!

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    I'm new to these boards, so I was wondering what the screencaps are that everyone is talking about. I'm assuming someone has made screencaps of the clips at the end of the show last night that summarizes the whole season. If this is right--and based on what has happened in past seasons--are you guys usually right in guessing who sticks around and who goes by the end of the season? (e.g. like all of the smart people here who deduced that Anne-Catherine sticks around for a while because of Quebec City)

    This is the first time I've been interested in watching a full season of the Bachelor, mostly because I'm rooting for soccer-playing Mandy.

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    I think Jesse likes Trish
    Kristi K-- nice but I don't like her hair
    Ann Catherine--looks like a man

    I like Mandy C
    Jessica H
    Mandy J
    Its still early but I sure hope the spy does her job well......because there are still a couple of girls that need to be out of there!

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    The 5 I think he likes best right now are:

    Mandy Jaye
    and maybe Jessica B

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    I think the 5 with most potential are...

    Mandy C, Kristy, Karen, Jessica B, and Tara

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    Mandy Jaye
    I support the right to arm bears.

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    It is kind of weird, because I am not getting much positive vibes from anybody. If I have to pick, I'll go with Tara, Suzi, Mandy J ...

    Is it just me or Karen is somewhat cross-eyed and needs some orthodontical job? Miss Rhode Island? To paraphrase Susanne from B2:"There aren't that many women in Rhode Island, are there?"

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    I think Jean Marie is the most beautiful, all those blondes start to look a like after awhile, but Jean is wow, almost exotic beautiful.

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    My guesses at this early stage of the game are:

    Mandy C.
    Ann Catherine.
    Jessica B.

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    Maybe I need MY head examined because I thought the antithesis of most of these posts....as far as them being BETTER looking on camera. I just didn't see it!!! I thought this was pretty much a "beauty pageant", like Karen said early on, but I don't know. Also, what do some of these chicks bring to the table, in terms of smarts, etc.....!?!?!? LOL. I KNOW, I am being very judgemental, but seriously. It's only TV and meant to be entertaining....
    I REALLY liked what Celeste has to say, but don't think she will go far.
    I think Anne Catherine goes to the final something something, but I didn't see that much of her to really judge.....AND IF ONE MORE WOMAN talks about family, having children, etc......kidding! Where do these chicks come from? Am I THAT jaded and cynical??? I guess I am.
    OK....finally...my pics so far are......
    Mandy C
    Mandy J
    Jessica B
    Tara ???? Don't really know why.
    I think Trish makes it to the final four, but that is kinda disguisiting. I am SURE ABC scripts it that way.
    Ok....ciao for now!
    All we need is love. Love is all we need!

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