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Thread: Bachelor Screencaps and previews *Speculation and spoilers*

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    I just admitted to a friend I watched tonights show, he called me a homo then said "The guys Canadian, eh?" lol So many closet fans.

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    Thanks KA! Great job! But I'm trying not to look too carefully... even if it affects my Rose-Ceremony-Game-Thing score.

    No screen caps from me for this episode, the ones I had were terrible quality, my program crashed while saving and the ones from my tape were just not good enough . Next week though.

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    I see the spy in two pictures for this next week that lead me to believe that she makes it through one more elimination round. I see her dressed up with the same outfit on as she has in the rose ceremony for this next week.

    just wondering if anyone else noticed this?
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    Hi everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster! You guys are great. Reading your posts here and at survivor makes my day at work fly-by. Keep up the good detective work so that I may win the earrings this time.

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    thanks kymberly!! those are great screen caps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ineedalife
    Here's next week's dates broken down:

    Snow tubing and hot tubbing (7): Celeste, Mandy J. Julie, Tara, Jessica B, Katie and Karen

    Group dinner: (8) Jenny S, Jessie, Jean Marie, Kristi,Anne-Cat, Mandy C, Amber, Suzie

    Solo: Trish-dress up/jewels date
    I got the first one right! Just confirmed on another thread posted by John for next week's preview-the 7 on 1 date is to Lake Tahoe and the dinner date (for 8) is a luxury camping date. Trish's date is to the opera.
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    Okay, it's my first attempt at actual screencap analysis, but I at least have this figured out:

    Trish goes on at least three dates:
    1. Red dress/Jesse in a tux/jewelry one-on-one date--there is also a picture of her with a hair stylist which I think is from this date.
    2. Funky hair/funky shirt date, Jesse in orange button down shirt. I think this is a group date because there are lots of pictures of him with other girls in this same shirt. However, there is what looks like a goodbye scene next to a limo of those two in these outfits...that seems odd if it's a group date
    3. White sweater/arcade date--this is the one with the cat howl voice over last night!

    So, based on this, I think she stays through at least two more rose ceremonies. I think she goes after that because none of the fantasy/hometown caps look like her at all.

    I'm having a hard time with everyone else because I think all of the blondes with long hair look exactly alike! I can't tell any of them apart. I'm pretty sure the girl in the black/white floral dress coming down the stairs is Mandy J., though...with hair extensions...her face on the first cap looks just like Mandy J.

    Anyone else have some ideas?

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    It looks like in one of the screencaps that Trish is in a hotel room looking thoughtful...it looks like she stays around till they send the last few to hotels....

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    "It looks like in one of the screencaps that Trish is in a hotel room looking thoughtful...it looks like she stays around till they send the last few to hotels...."

    Yeah...I saw that too...I think it could be at the house. The fact that there is no hint of her in any "fantasy" setting is odd to me if she sticks around until then.

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