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Thread: Pictures to confirm the spy's identity - ***Major Spoiler***

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    And I immediately noticed the hair. All the other girls had theirs done nicely and her hairstyle looked awful. At least now I know why she didn't really care!

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    Her awful hair is the first thing that I noticed too. Half up with the little rubber band...not the most flattering. I thought that they met with stylists?

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    I don't think Jenny is big by any stretch of the imagination.. she does have a swimmer's body though.. those big, wide shoulders, strong arms, tapered torso into a nipped waist.
    Even if we didn't know who the mole was it would be obvious.. the lack of hair and makeup attention was a dead give away and she was shy and she hardly spent a minute with Jesse at all ... then again neither did Katie .. then again she wasn't really offered a rose LOL
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    With all due respect we had this same stuff/ pics links posted in our original threads weeks ago. WE WERE THE ONES THAT BROKE THE STORY .

    I'm practically a honorary Gator . They went nuts when Lil miss Texas Longhorn made fun of the gator chomp last night.So I'm locking this thread.

    Please make sure if you are newbie , you check the other threads before starting a new one saying the same thing especially when it's repeating stuff from other boards who copied it from us to begin with.

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