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Thread: Bachelor Bob

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    This guy was/is a total snore (bore). Yuck! I never thought he was even remotely attractive, sexy, or in any way appealing (certainly not enough to be on a show like the Bachelor). They have better luck picking the Bachelors on the Bachelorette shows than on the guys they pick to be the "star" of their own show. I wonder why.

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    The guys they picked without exception were put on the show by someone else whether it be a co-worker , friend or agent. They didn't really want the show but thought hey whatever. The only one it worked out for was Ryan Sutter ( who shares an agent with Jesse, and he got them both on the show) .

    I liked Bob , he just wasn't Bachelor material . Who wants to watch a "normal" guy especially one who had to be dragged on the show. Not his fault - it's ABCs.
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    Bachelor Blob and All My Children

    On today's All My Children episode, they had the kid characters in a record store with a large Blob poster and his CD playing. Yikes !!!!!! Does Rebecca have that much pull ????

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    I stick by my User Name...Blob Sucks!

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    i know many will disagree with me but i'm a Bob fan and that's great news i don't watch All My Children so i would have never known. thanks for posting that.
    April is Autism awareness month!! I have 6 year old faternal twins with Autism. they are wonderful little guys. It's not misbehaving....it's a disablity.

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    I feel sorry for those innocent kids. They probably will be mentally scarred for life...

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    I am sure Rebecca is pretty important to them, Greenlee is one of the main characters and is usually involved in a ton of plots.
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    what in the world would AMC have to gain by promoting Bob on their soap???

    most companies have to pay alot of dinero for product placement on a tv show, and i know Bob is not rolling like that

    that girl MUST have some pull

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    I saw an article on the posters and all. I can't remember if they asked Rebecca to ask him or if they called him and asked if it would be ok. I wish I could remember where I read that!

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