I posted this in another thread, but I think it applies here too:

I think the Bachelor series should be canned, and the Bachelorette should be kept.

My philosophies regarding why the Bachelorette works and the Bachelor doesn't is this:

The Bachelorette puts the two genders - male and female - into their prime surroundings for finding a mate. Men thrive on competition, working to win over a woman, proving why he's worthy, showing active interest, being on their best game. The woman is put on the pedestal, she thrives by showing receptive interest towards the men. The most "able" comeptetor wins her affections. Think back to old times - the prince that slays the dragon gets the princess. Shows an act of courage, bravery, athleticism. ABC hit the nail on the head with this show.

The Bachelor is all turned around. Glam it up all you want, ABC, but the premise doesn't change. It's a glorified harem. One man, not in his prime surroundings. What guy doesn't dream of having 25 beautiful women competing for him, sure, but in the end the women that gets the last rose is still the won that had to work the hardest to win him over - she may be the top woman, but that's only saying she's the top prostitute in a harem. The guy does nothing to prove his own worth, He just has to be chosen by ABC, and then sits back and enjoys the ride. The women come to him, and on top of that, none of them are in their own element. They're all in compeition with each other, with one guy as the winner. When a Bachelor gets all that attention, he is not going to turn around later after choosing his mate and shower her back. He's just going to enjoy the relationship - or the fame - until it's over with. Either the lady gets fed up and leaves, or she gets too clingy and pushes him away.

Dispute what you want, it's only my opinion. Look at the track record -

Bachelorette - 2-0
Bachelor 0-4..or 5?