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Thread: The Bachelor- After the Rose "You Had Me at Merlot"

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    The Bachelor- After the Rose "You Had Me at Merlot"

    This is the fun show, where you get to go back over all of the good stuff. They finally bring Jen and Andrew together again, for the first time after the finale. I think we’ve heard they had had several cloak and dagger reunions during the show, but this is the first time they could be in public together.
    Robochris and Jen relive her move up the ranks. She says she didn’t think she’d make it past the first night, had no feelings until Palm Springs. She fell in love with him at his parents’ house. Lucky it was Jen saying that, and not Kirsten, or it would be “I fell in love with you because of your parents house "(And the cook, and the servers) She tears up at the replay of the proposal. Awwwww

    Andrew then bounces out to Jen with big hugs, and kisses. Contrasted with the ‘morning after’ of the first two “Bachelors”, these two really look the part. We won’t even mention Joe Millionaire. The first thing Andrew does is put the 'big firestone' back on her finger. Chris notes, “You could put an eye out with that thing”. Well it is huge, and Harry W doesn’t deal in CZ’s. Andrew is so giddy; he’s bouncing off the walls. He said it was hard for both of them to watch the show. I’m finding it a bit hard to watch him.
    After the show, they are picking up Jens things in Chicago and moving her to San Francisco with Andrew. “But not for too long” Mom, quips Andrew. Chris tells everyone he’ll be chaperoning for the whole time. Ha ha – so not funny. He didn’t do a very good job of being a chaperone from the time of Bachelor

    1 – Amanda will never live down her overnighter…
    Andrews’s papa had married mama after two weeks, so Andrew and Jen are way on overtime for the big plunge. Robo then says the stupidest thing ever- “so this is serious?” Andrew holds up the ring hand – Duh Yeah Chris.
    I guess I should give him a break, as this is the fourth ring he’s seen going out the door, with no return yet on the investment.

    The next part of the show is bloopers and outtakes. Hello!!! Where were the producers hiding THAT ANDREW ? That Andrew is funny, witty and interesting. I’m really sorry they did not portray that Andrew on the show, as I would have been way more entertained. Same with Jen. They better not hog-tie Bob’s humor like that.

    -Jen was so impressed with Andrew in the out takes for first few confessionals, she calls him Aaron.

    -Chris tells Andrew there are several “former beauty queens” among the bachelorettes. Andrew asks in a goofy voice "So why are they former?’’ . I’m cracking up. He’s funny I tell you. We are then treated to a montage of the funny stuff Andrew did when he was supposed be being serious.

    -Dancing with Robo at the front door of the mansion,
    -Showing off his biceps and abs, (which by the way were none to shabby, how did I miss this?), showing more of his butt, and finally redoing scene from “Meet the Parents” into the camera. Great stuff!

    Even the guy at Harry Winston’s, gets in on the act when he says to her with a straight face “he’s not going to pick you, you know”- then keels over laughing at her reaction. Kinda cruel, but great stuff to watch .It was then Jen leans over and says to Andrew “You had me at merlot”. They should print that on their wedding invitations.

    Chris concludes the bloopers by saying I wish you and Aaron the best, then cracks up .
    Again where was this show. That five minute spot was of a higher quality entertainment, than about 90% of the show. I’m worried for Bob again.

    The Floor opens for questions, and the first one was whether Jen was the best in show, or the best one period.
    Andrew – “Best period”
    Is there going to be a pre- nup?
    Andrew – “no that’s the chicken way out.”
    I swear I hear Kirsten scream at this point.
    How hard was it to watch?
    Jen- “It’s very hard to watch your boyfriend make out with 25 other women.”
    Andrew then gives her a cute watch to make up for the “watch thing”. I can only assume this is part of an ongoing conversation they had been having. Inexplicably Robo hands his watch over too. Huh?
    I’m confused and there is a commercial so I turn the channel to watch something to kill the time.
    (AI – Rubens singing.Then over to the hockey game where it’s a 2-2 tie, with 2 minutes left.)

    I’m watching the other channels for what seems like ten minutes worth of commercials. Flog it ABC- there is a reason you are in third place among the networks. Too many commercials. I’m remembering this is sweeps week though.

    After my break, It’s BOB vision time. The crowd goes wild at the sight of him! They rehash Bob’s Trista adventure. “I’m only a pawn the game of love”,says Bob.

    He claims the show was a “monumental” experience. I can imagine, since he is now Oprah’s best friend, and there aren’t many mortgage brokers who can claim that.
    Chris asks who “Mrs. Guiney” is. Bob just looks at him and says, “My Mom”. Robo says, “He ain’t going there”.
    Suddenly Colby pops into my brain…
    Andrew advises him not to cheat himself, or anyone else of the ‘experience’, and to remember the cameras are always running. I can hardly wait to see Bob’s outtakes. An audience member volunteers to let him forgo the whole Bachelor thing, by telling him at this point “she loves him”. Yeah well, we have a few volunteers here too Bob.

    Chrishost next goes backstage to meet Kirsten. This is weird, as I’m wondering if he’s just checking if the anti aggression drugs have kicked in yet. He may not want to let her onstage. They replay her attempt at Andrew and the golden ring, and all I can think is how annoying that laugh is. He was told by so many, so many times, she was lying, and it still didn’t kick in. Finally, Andrew says, “she’s not mature enough to be in a relationship”. Good call Andrew, as she doesn’t even appear to know when she is IN a relationship. She claims she knew it wasn’t her win by the last date, but it was still hard to hear he had fallen in love with another. She was mad at him because he “hadn’t told her what Adam had said she had said”. That really means she was mad because in the excitement of the day, she forgot what lies she told to whom. She was still lying about seeing the other guy three days before , which had been published in all those fine tabloid papers. Feh I’m tired of looking at her. Luckily, there is another one of those long commercial breaks.

    (Sens and Devils in first OT and Ruben wins AI)

    After the break Chris has decided she is sedated enough to meet the happy couple. She wanted to know why his family influenced him so much. He shoots back he was embarrassed his bro knew more about the boyfriend than he did. He simply told me to find out what the score was. “It didn’t come down to that”. According to Andrew. In other words Kirsten, he’s not upset about the boyfriend, he’s upset you lied about the boyfriend. Catch a clue.

    They then replayed Kirsten and Jens relationship. It was uncomfortable to watch. Kirsten was a real witch.
    Chris then says his goodbyes til the next Bob time we see him.

    Good luck to Kirsten and Andrew, I have a feeling they’ll need it….
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