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Thread: The Dumb-founded and the Heartbroken ( aka Bachelor/ette, Where are they Now?)

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    The Dumb-founded and the Heartbroken ( aka Bachelor/ette, Where are they Now?)

    First I’m late with this because reality messed with my Reality TV, and I hate when that happens. No It’s not the War, as that is way more important than my petty news, but it did interrupt my little life. The nice snow that was piled up to the first floor windowsills, decided to melt, and turn the neighborhood cute little creek into another great lake. My basement became my own indoor pool, but enough about me – just I’m really sorry to have missed the important things in life like my precious FORT time.

    Our old buddy ChrisRobohost took us on a tour down memory lane, with the 75 men and women who have had to listen to him drone on and on. We had a few old favs that we caught up with, who as Robo pointed out, had left a lasting impression.

    First up was (of course) our bunny in a pot girl Christi from B2.At the reunion show, Christi bragged that she was having a dating bonanza as a result of her antics on the show. The dates seem to have dried up a bit since then , as she has gone back to the “if Aaron and I met on the street, we would be dating” routine. She told us how she was “dumb-founded at the suggestion by Aaron she was like ‘Fatal Attraction’ ” because she “saw the movie”, and she “Isn’t like that” (Better beef up the security Aaron, its not that far from Boise to Springfield. Well kind of, but not for a stalker.)
    Christi has found it hard to go back to real life , and thinks its unfair that people judge her by a moment on TV, when she wasn’t at her best. ( Christi, it was many moments, but whatever) Christi now tells the men that ask her out, “haven’t you heard, I’m Psycho?” Her best friend when asked by men if Christi really is psycho, always replies “Yeah”.
    Christi I really do wish the best for the future, but you have to rethink your dating strategy…

    I was so happy to see Shannon on the Bachelorette, and she is the next alumnus to be spotlighted. On the original Bachelor , she was portrayed as cold because she couldn’t get cozy with Alex with a 24/7 camera crew. The end for her, was when Alex started to interrogate her about sex in the limo. She wasn’t about to get personal with millions of us privy to the conversation . Watching herself on TV did open her eyes to how she handles herself in a relationship, and helped her connect with an old college friend Jean-Paul. They have been dating steadily since their first date, and the camera crew was allowed to go with her while she met his parents. Shannon was a much different girl than the one who met Alex’s family. I hope the best for Shannon , as she is one of the least media whoring of any of the RT show contestants.

    Another catch-up candidate was TX Heather from B2. Has she had lypo on those cottage cheese thighs ? (Don’t send me nasty notes , she was the one who wore the dress that highlighted her- um- legs when she plopped on Aaron’s lap, and not in a good way.) Heather had dreams of Aaron coaching the soccer team, and building a white picket fence, while Aaron said he felt nothing. Poor Heather felt mislead. I have to note that I have had similar little daydreams about hunky sports types, but don’t actually feel deceived when I’m in the real world. You can say what you like about Aaron, but I think he was just being nice. Guys, if a nice looking girl threw herself down your throat when you were a single guy, 99.999 percent would return the kiss am .I right? We didn’t get a view of the thighs, only of her drinking wine at her moms, while contemplating being single at 40. One thought, self esteem – get some.

    Hayley another B2 girl, shared with us that her opening up to the girls and not Aaron , led her to think it was a sign that Aaron really was not for her. Back In her hometown of Portland, it appears she has found the real thing with Andrew .The show made her realize what she wanted in a man and relationship. Didn’t any of these ladies seriously consider that before? I think that’s how they ended up on the Bachelor.

    My buddy Sher will say Bob from the bachelorette is da bomb , and I have to agree . Bob was kind of upset Trista didn’t meet his family, but as a result of the show has gone back to writing and singing . He said he even got to go on Oprah. I watched Bob and Jaime on several Oprah shows, and I must say they did us proud. Bob in a how to cook show, and Jaime on overcoming panic disorders, as well as the Bachelorette themed shows. They have become good friends as a result. I can so see Bob as a game show host or something. Hello TV people !

    :Sniff: Time to talk to Gwen from B2. We are still reeling from Cinderella getting dumped after the ball. She thinks that the last 5 min conversation is what did her in. He asked one question and misunderstood her answer to be the reply to another one. Every second counts in reality type shows, so Gwen was gone. While the show was airing , she had to live with the fact that she had lost and everyone had thought she had won. It was really wonderful when the show was over and she could unload the feelings. I just remember Aarons reaction to her on the reunion show. Knowing what we do now about the volatile relationship between Aaron and Helene, I can’t help thinking Aaron probably wanted really badly to run over and say to her hey I really screwed up – call me later. She was heartbroken, and is still looking for the right guy. I hope she finds him.

    We caught up with Merilee , also from B2 , who was passed over at the last minute for Kyla. She is now dating Brian , whose Mom just happened to work in the same school district. He had caught her getting out of the limo on TV , and with Mom’s help, Merlilee’s Prince Charming came along.

    Kyla on the other hand returned and met David at a church function. Kyla is working on a music deal and he popped the question with a very Ryan like poem, right in the recording studio. I guess if you are a devout Mormon six weeks is enough. No cracks, it’s sweet, but a little over the top for me.

    # 3 psycho from B2 Suzanne, claims she was also mislead by Aaron. After pinning him down by the tongue, she was unceremoniously dumped. I remember that little rendezvous. She was definitely the aggressor, and had a really bunny boilin smile on at the rose ceremony. She doesn’t regret the Idaho remark she made to Christi, because we all ending up seeing the real Christi

    As for our old friend slimyRuss, his niece said folks were calling him a stalker and kids at school were giving her a rough time . That’s rough , we all know you can’t your family. His sis had visited the message boards, ( Probably ours ) and found out indeed , that folks thought not all was right with Russell. I really think not all was right with Russell when he revealed his book he was writing , was about relationships.
    : Eny breaks down laughing: Russell still isn’t dating, and his reaction to our thought on him.
    “We won’t have any of that in this house”

    Kathy from B1 regrets being on TV, because granny found out about her boob job. She moved in with guy she met at a bar (the same night she met him), after the show was finished airing. It didn’t work out, so she now is single and looking. How granny missed those big fake breasts is beyond me, but maybe she doesn’t see so well.

    Rhonda, the girl they had to call an ambulance for in B1, has never hyperventilated since the night she was booted. I think after giving Alex a good look, she couldn’t breathe knowing how close she came to hooking up with him. She has a steady boyfriend, and doesn’t take things quite so seriously. I presume she carries a brown paper bag for emergencies.

    It was at this point another Reality took over, and bombs started dropping so I waited to see if they showed the rest on the west coast. Hi to any of the brave folks who can take time out to visit the Fort !!!. Don't laugh , I'd be checking the boards...

    Brooke, whom we kept seeing in the promos for the show in a wedding gown, is only modeling them. She is still upset over Aaron and his perception that she was too young. She thinks he lied about it , and would love to be the next bachelorette. Boy did Aaron ever screw up, but then WE knew that the day the show ended.

    Charlie Charlie Charlie, we were told that Trista was pregnant and living with you , then that she was pregnant with Ryans baby but chose you anyway. We made a point of not listening ( Ha Ha Ha)
    He is still surprised that Trista chose Ryan. How very self centered of you Charlie. He said on this show he was single , but on Oprah he said he had turned down a chance to be the next Bachelor because he had a girlfriend that he had been seeing for 3 months. Which is it Chuck?

    Trista and Ryan talk about the wedding. We follow Mom and T gown shopping. They find one to show for the camera. T and Ryan go to the mall and emote over deep fryers.

    Oprah , the big fan of Bob and Jaime’s, told Trista and Ryan she would put on the wedding for them. The things people will do just to get Bob to show up (as Sher would say.) I think it would be the perfect ending…

    The next Bachelor is advertised in a Joe Millionaire kind of way. How will they react when they find out he is worth millions ? ( really !!) Did someone invite Sarah ?
    It begins again on Wednesday with Andrew Firestone, who at least did not need Croc hunter Paul to tell him about wine.
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