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Thread: Kalon McMahon BP3

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    Kalon McMahon BP3

    Kalon McMahon
    Occupation: Luxury Brand Consultant
    Age: 27
    Residence: Houston, TX
    From:The Bachelorette Season 8

    Kalon was the villain on Emily's season. But at least he was honest. Maybe Kalon is not ready to settle down, but he is ready to dominate those inferior to him. He will charm the women, he will compliment the men and he will go all the way to the end just to keep the money all to himself. Plus, he is frenemies with Erica Rose.
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    Re: Kalon McMahon BP3

    wow, I didn't like this guy in Emily's season... and still don't care for him.... BUT Lindzi obviously brings out a bit of decency. He seems to be honestly smitten. I hope it works out for the both of them.
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    Re: Kalon McMahon BP3

    To me, his every appearance seemed like an act. Just 1 big performance without any authenticity.

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    Re: Kalon McMahon BP3

    Quote Originally Posted by fireflyer View Post
    To me, his every appearance seemed like an act. Just 1 big performance without any authenticity.
    I think she's a bit flaky or flighty so maybe they suit one another.
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    Re: Kalon McMahon BP3

    I don't care for him & still think he is a snake in the grass. Still hope he & Lindzi work out, since she seems to make him a nicer person.

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    Re: Kalon McMahon BP3

    I'm going to start by admitting I could easily be totally wrong because the only time I click on any of the Bachelor franchise shows is when I'm avoiding too many commercials on the shows I do watch.

    That being said, my impression of Kalen from his first appearance on Bachelorette to his last appearance on Bachelor Pad was that he signed on to both to act a part and, if so, he's done a great job. I do think he's reasonably attractive and fairly smart. I would not be at all surprised to see him move into acting, but I hope he's done the last of the Bachelor shows. If he continues to do those, my assessment of him will drop drastically.
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