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Thread: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_one2002 View Post
    I think Jake got it right...Vienna tried to milk their breakup for all it was worth..
    (It's called tabloids..)
    I wouldn't be surprised if Vienna initiated a "romance" with Kasey for another tabloid ($$$$$) opportunity.
    "Oh, poor me! He yelled at me. He 'abused' me..."
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    Re: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I actually enjoyed this tacky little show.
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    Re: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by norealityhere View Post
    I actually enjoyed this tacky little show.
    Me too.

    The reason Holly and Michael won is because they made more solid friendships, not because of challenge wins. The drama they contributed could not have been comfortable.

    I was hoping for a Michele/Graham finish. It sure seems that they are a solid couple that could make it for the long haul; I was glad to see that! I like them.

    Blake and Holly's engagement with the Neil Lane ring signaled that production is looking for a wedding on their roster! Holly and Blake seem very happy and good for them.

    Erica looked beautiful. I was surprised to hear her say that she spent time with Kasey and Vienna and thought they were a solid couple. I guess all that drama was for the camera? Nah, she is a loose cannon and this will not last.

    Clearly Jackie was dumped and still stinging. Ames looked uncomfortale and could not muster a word. "Jackie is a great girl and it just didnt work" or anything! I don't care for the silent type. You dodged a bullet, Jackie.

    I don't think Michael knew of Holly's engagement. He did know she was moving east to be with him. His reaction looked very real to me. He was at a loss for words and appeared stunned and hurt he was not told before the show. He had his chance to make their relationship work and he just wasn't able to rekindle their love; time to move on. I am not sure why he is still holding on; it has been many weeks since this show wrapped.

    Ella is a beautiful woman and I think the work she had done is fabulous! Good for her and nice of Erica's dad to do that for her, gratis. Someone will step forward and into her life to help her financially and offer love, perhaps. She will benefit from this.

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    Re: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I live in the South too and I can't see Holly being happy here. She has a wild streak that I don't think has been satiated just yet. She won't have an easy time of it if she moves to SC. Depends on if Blake is a native or not, it's not easy breaking into society here. They may end up going the route of the other couples and ride the BP wave for as long as they can and then jump off. I really like Blake, I find him very honest and yet I find Michael to be somewhat unbelievable. That whole thing was so scripted even the humility speech at the end was taking forever before the vote. I don't really like for guys to be so emotional, are all 20 somethings as emotional as the young men we see on these shows? Sheesh... I wish them all the best, though. I guess young men now are a product of the feminist era of sabotaging manliness, JIMO.

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    Re: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Tobi View Post
    I live in the South too and I can't see Holly being happy here. She has a wild streak that I don't think has been satiated just yet. She won't have an easy time of it if she moves to SC.
    Depends on if Blake is a native or not, it's not easy breaking into society here.
    Really? You think they care about this?! I don't. Blake bought a practice there so he must like the area, have friends a life that works for him. I have no clue if Holly has a wild streak but even if, when you fall in love, things change.
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    Re: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

    The three-hour shows are too long.

    The KA challenge would have been even more visually interesting had the players performed more like Mike/Holly, Vienna/Kasey.

    I did find it surprising that more people did not vote for Michelle/Graham. As evidenced by Blake's comment, I guess that their strategy to avoid drama also withdrew them from any real competition. Even Holly credited Kasey and Mike with making the tough choices throughout the season. IMO, the only person who deserved that money based solely on gamesmanship was Mike. He won most of those challenges and strategized effectively without destroying valuable relationships. Holly rode Mike's wave to the end.

    Kasey and Vienna have significant work to do if they want a healthier relationship. The way she treated him in the final episode showed a gross imbalance. She doesn't love and accept him for everything that he is. He then gets defensive and slams back at her after she demeans him. Sad.

    As for Holly and Blake, it was an inconsiderate thing to do. On Twitter, both Blake and Holly are defending their actions, stating that ABC cut Holly's tie to Michael. Blake also tweeted that he "got it in writing" that ABC would not let Michael be blindsided. I imagine that they dropped that bomb in hopes that Mike would say "Keep." To me, their constant defense of their actions only makes them look bad. They not only pursued each other in front of her ex-fiance, but then they accepted a proposal to be aired at show's end, the same show in which Holly was still competing with Michael as her partner.

    I wish them the best, esp. Holly as she adjusts to the South. Perhaps, she'll finally let herself fall off the radar.

    Michael came out of this thing smelling like a rose as did Graham and Michelle.

    It was nice to see Ben again last night. He'll be a good bach, I think
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    Re: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I'm not sure how Michael could have NOT known. He's Twitter friends with a LOT of the people on BP2 and many of them were tweeting that they heard H/B got engaged. I think the hurt was real, but not the shock. I, too, thought Blake looked smug through most of the show. He looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. At least he apologized to Michael and it seemed sincere enough.

    Wow...Erika. She looked terrific and was very well spoken through the whole thing. Give this woman her own show...lol

    Graham and Michele....so cute together. Although they never did give a straight answer as to whether they are in a relationship. They alluded but never quite fessed up.

    Jackie ...I don't even know what to say. Things were really tense between her and Ames. Maybe Ames saw the side of her that we all got to see when she railed at Michele and made her cry. I don't blame Ames though...if he wasn't feeling it, he shouldn't stick around. It's a waste of time.

    William had me cracking up. His one liners were great.

    Vienna...what a sourpuss. She was sitting next to Jake and she didn't seem frightened. She admitted that they'd all drink and play games and for her to let loose and have fun, she couldn't have been frightened then, either. I thought it was big of Kasey to apologize to Jake and fess up to his poor actions during the show. I really felt his remorse and hope he opens his eyes a little bit further where Vienna is concerned. But whatever, I still don't like either of them.

    I think Michael should have chosen 'keep'. He won comps and had to watch his ex fall in love. Doesn't matter whose fault the breakup was...she was his fiance at one point and it's never easy seeing someone you loved that much with someone else. He deserved the whole amount for that alone.
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    Re: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I too thought forsure he was going to do KEEP, with his speech and stuff it would have made sense. However Holly should give it to Micheal, just because, well probably because he was just totally embarrassed on National TV!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by norealityhere View Post
    I actually enjoyed this tacky little show.
    Me too. Both seasons.

    Erica is a law student. She's smarter than she comes off - and stronger - given the fact that she was able to hold her head up despite being voted least attractive. I like her.

    Jake/Vienna/Kasey. Jake was completely vindicated IMO. Although, I have to say, I do like Vienna. She seems nice enough. Both Jake and Kasey have said she has a kind side to her, which I think is true. She's just one of those people who hasn't been completely socialized while growing up. She goes overboard. Plus, I don't think she ever found her own way in life before coming on these shows. She's emotionally young. The same can be said for Kasey. That is probably why the two of them are together. There is a connection that way. I'd be surprised if the relationship lasts. One will grow up and the other won't - at least not at the same pace, and they'll part ways.

    Blake and Holly. Not sure how I feel about these two. While they could be the perfect couple ever, there is a part of me that says Holly is too young for Blake. He'll get bored after awhile.

    Jackie and Ames. I am speculating that producers approached Ames about being the next bachelor before opting for Ben, and this is why the breakup occurred so suddently. Otherwise, I think Ames would have given the relationship a bit more time - or minimally given Jackie a better explanation. It just doesn't add up otherwise. He's too "polite". I always thought there was something more to Ames than what he gives off on camera. I think he is angling for a tv career but has just never admitted it out loud.

    Michelle/Graham. Can I just say that Graham was way hotter on Deanna's season? He's not nearly as good looking now-a-days for my tastes. Still, he and Michelle are two of my favorites. They are really great people and I hope for the best for them. I'm not sure I see marriage or anything coming their way, but friends for life, for sure.

    Michael. Also a great person. He has good energy. While watching last night, I kept thinking that his winning the show was meant to be. The money will soften the blow he was dealt (Blake's and Holly's engagement) and he'll move on and have a great life - a better one than before. He sure does know how to play to the camera, though, doesn't he? He was acting from early on....and even more so last night as he paced in the room pretending to stew on what card to pick. He would never have done anything but share. Good for him!

    Future wedding episode? I wouldn't tune in to a Holly and Blake ceremony except to see Michael. I would tune in to see Michelle and Graham. They aren't very dramatic (kinda nice that way!), but...they have a good story, and it would be nice to see it unfold in a positive way.

    Ella and Kirk. Great people. They will both rebound and do just fine in life. I have no doubt or worries about either.

    I liked this season. All in all, the people making up the cast are good people - not icky people. Even Kasey redeemed himself for me last night.
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    Re: 9/12 FINALE! BP2 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Chris Harrison's Finale Blog is up in his thread.
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