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Agreed. From the reunion footage and blather on Twitter, I'm pretty sure that many of the former contestants' "numbers" have increased, voiding out the test results. Part of me wonders if they choose from among themselves due to the likelihood of increased exposure/fame similar to Tenley/Kiptyn, Ali/Rob, Ash/JP, Chris/Peyton.
I think it is the common bond attraction. Everyone is looking for love and the first tip is to do something you enjoy and you will meet like minded people. So here you have a ready made group that has a huge connection. It seems the obvious choice of where to socialize, to me. No matter what career you want, you always want love. So it doesnt matter if two hook up who are striving for a media job. You have something to offer or you don't and your partner has nothing to do with it. I suppose you get more exposure when you become a couple but that does not automatically insure a job.