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Thread: Jackie Gordon BP2

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    Jackie Gordon BP2

    Occupation: Assistant Teacher
    Age: 27
    Residence: New York, NY
    From:The Bachelor Season 15

    Jackie is the girl next door not afraid to speak her mind. She's ready for love and will get along well with the guys, but she'll watch her back when it comes to Michelle Money, whom she doesn't trust.
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    Re: Jackie Gordon BP2

    One of the classiest exits I've ever seen on this franchise. And of course look who she got for company!!

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    Re: Jackie Gordon BP2

    It was sad to see how she was still so uncomfortable being around Ames for the finale. Maybe she doesn't have much experience with heartbreak. After a while, her heart will harden. During the "engagement" segment, they obviously had to show Ames' & her reactions. Her face was saying "that could have been me!" & it seemed she was a bit envious. She's a pretty girl & still has plenty of time to find a good guy. But her exit made for some good TV, despite Ames' poor fashion choices. I find him charming in a dorky way & am glad he didn't string her along if he wasn't feeling it.

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