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Thread: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

    I bet that Kate Gosselin is happy that Jake is also on DWTS. At least now she has a shot of not being the 1st one kicked off.
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

    Quote Originally Posted by WrigleyDogA2;3844095;
    Seconded! (for those not watching, she asked about it being fair to Vienna that he had such strong feelings for both girls)

    Good for her...and the audience LOVED it..they were hooting and cheering...he still didn't answer it...oh i'm sorry he did...There was a spark...yea, that clears it up...

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

    Quote Originally Posted by PonyXpress;3844101;
    If these two end up marrying would ABC be dumb enough to attempt airing the wedding?
    Yeah because they would be touting it as another sucessful love story in the face of adversity(the rag mags/rumors)
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

    Quote Originally Posted by sanlee;3844100;
    I wonder how long Jake will last on DWTS! I remember Trista left maybe the second week when she was on it.
    Oh that's right!! I forgot Trista was on there!

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

    Quote Originally Posted by seeker;3844052;
    Oh no! Got to tune out DWTS now, hasn't he had his time on TV already? Gosh!
    He's turning into "Melissa"! Can't they find another worthy male contestant. I'm still holding out hope she will not be the new host. Has it been announced yet. I too would tune out - but I'd really like to see Evan and Niecy!!

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

    Quote Originally Posted by nonobadfish;3844107;
    My question came right in the middle of the DWTS Jake announcement, so it got missed:

    Are they announcing the new Bachelorette tonight? Or later during DWTS?
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

    Trying to catch up since my post, but Jake giving Vienna's ring back to her...OMG, I felt for her SO much...she thought he was letting her go.
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

    Quote Originally Posted by fated;3844104;
    "Marriage in my future? Hopefully. I can't say whether it will come from someone I met on the show, but that is a life experience I don't want to miss out on," he told People.
    That's too funny!
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

    Quote Originally Posted by GuardianAngel;3844093;
    I'm very happy for him, he sounds sincere, he's in love, and that's all that matters
    I agree! Yay for being optimistic and positive.

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Mar1/10

    Quote Originally Posted by ebonyashley;3844089;
    how does he get on tv and say that his heart still aches for her but he is engaged???

    i would be completely pissed off if my fiance said that and it would be over.
    I took that to mean that his heart still aches for her because he hurt her, not because he wanted her. I think he's been pretty clear that no part of him "ached" for her.
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